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  1. ilovegreen

    Dyeing Black eyebrows lighter ?

    I'm a NC50 with black eyebrows and have been thinking for a while about dyeing them lighter. Has anyone done this and did you use a DIY kit or have them professionally done? Would I have to find one suitavle for black skin or is any drugstore brand suitable? I'm so ignorant to how to do this...
  2. ilovegreen

    Specktra Mobile ?

    Are there any plans in the pipeline for a mobile version of Specktra? That would be awesome. *crosses fingers*
  3. ilovegreen

    UK Ladies/gents - where do you get your Ardell lashes ?

    Does anyone in the UK wear these lashes and if so where do you buy them from ? TIA
  4. ilovegreen

    Maybelline Colour Definer shadow sticks ?

    I saw an advert for these and was wondering if anyone has tried these ? If so are they a good alternative to the MAC Shadesticks ? Here's a link TIA
  5. ilovegreen

    UK info about the Fafi merchandise

    Not sure if you guys already knows this but anyone (including me) who wanted to get the Fafi scarf will be out of luck as its not gonna be released in the UK at all I spoke to the staff in the Carnaby Street & Selfridges stores and it's not shown in the look book only the dolls, bags &...
  6. ilovegreen

    Pinks & purples eyeshadows/pigments for a NW43/45 ?

    Hi Everyone I really want to invest in some pink and purple eyeshadows &/or pigments but I'm not as confident choosing, especially with pinks, what would suit my complexion. What would you recommend for an adventurous NW43/45 ? All advice is greatly appreciated. ILG