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  1. Sass

    Glaze lipsticks

    MAC glaze finishes goes on like an Amplified or like what? I'm looking at Spiced Tea from Warm & Cozy online and I'm putting my order together (no time to get to the mall)! Thanks!
  2. Sass

    Faultlessly Lipstick

    I just received my MAC order in the mail and in it I have my Faultlessly lipstick from F/W collection. I just wanted to say that it is a gorgeous deep purple reminds me of Sketch eyeshadow. I did not think it would go nice with my tone NC45/NC50 mix, but it does and everyone likes...
  3. Sass

    Filled My 1st 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette Today

    And I'm not sure if I'm proud of it or not. I don't think I chose the best looks a little off - I am no longer a MAC novice, but in that palette it shows. Anyway, I am just excited that I finally filled one and wanted to share. I bought the palette back in mid-October and it's...
  4. Sass

    This is it until MAC Black...I mean it.

    I went to Tannersville, PA today and was not happy with that CCO at all (totally MAC deprived) but I came back with... No Matte Sliverthorn e/s Haunting e/s (McQueen) Tempting & Shadowy Lady Quad (why not since I picked up Spiced Choco yesterday) 219 brush make myself feel better for...
  5. Sass

    Went to get MAC Matte...

    ...but came back with... CCO: -Two Fafi figures (I had one of them so why not have them all?) -MSF Blonde -MSF Redhead -Spiced Chocolate Quad -HK Pink Fish (backup) -Viva Glam V lipglass -Fafi Squeeze It Lipglass -224 brush Fragrance Outlet: -NYX e/s trio in Tropical/Yellow/Lime Green (TS10)...
  6. Sass

    Studio Fix Fluid & Studio Fix Powder Plus

    1. Studio Fix Fluid & Studio Fix Powder Plus...same difference, right?? One is just a liquid and the other is a powder...I saw a YT video where someone used the powder to set the liquid. Is that a good way to set foundation? A foundation with another foundation? I'm sort of confused about...
  7. Sass

    On my Best Friends First CCO visit!

    She bought a lot of stuff for herself...she's now addicted to MAC! And she thanked me for helping her out because she's new to makeup and got me... CCO - 217, Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish, MSF So Ceylon and Gorgeous Gold e/s MAC Store - 239, 226 I am definitely loved. So my...
  8. Sass

    Porcelain Pink MSF and NW45

    I can use this MSF as a highlighter and what else? I swatched it in the store and all I see is shimmer. I really like it though. I'm thinking it will give me a glow of some kind. I didn't actually try it on my face though and I know that my swatches don't work well on my hands. Anyway, I...
  9. Sass

    I am I supposed to condition my kabuki?

    I have a BE kabuki and I washed it, let it dry and now it feels prickly. Should I have conditioned my mineral brushes? It's synthetic (of course)... Help? And it's shedding. Maybe I'm heavy handed. I don't know.
  10. Sass

    Is the #131 Brush Permanent?

    The 131 is not a permanent brush, correct? Sorry for the dumb question, but I've always been a BE Addict and I'm transitioning into other high end cosmetics at the moment. Please excuse me.
  11. Sass

    What's the Essence of Beauty Finishing Brush used for?

    I have one...not sure why I bought it but it's too narrow for say like using a mineral setting powder. I'm sitting here looking at mine and trying to figure out what I can use it for...hmmmm.
  12. Sass

    A lurker no longer lurking...

    Thank you in advance for the warm welcomes.