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    Advice please

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    What to do?

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    Smelly brush :)

    I have a powder brush that smells. Even after a wash. What should I do to eliminate the smell?
  4. seonmi

    Just a rant

    I need to rant. I've been depressed lately because of my skin. I was on a new birth control pill for the last 3 months. And it's been killing my skin. Finally, I decided to get off it several days ago. Now, my chin area is covered with huge pimples. It hurts so bad and it is damaging my...
  5. seonmi

    Concealer for blemishes and scars

    I just got a Sephora giftcard and wanted to get a good concealer product there. What would you guys recommend? I've read lots of reviews for different products (MUFE palette, LORAC concealer/highlighter, Bobbi Brown ....) but most people only talked about the under eyes circles which is not my...
  6. seonmi

    Contour color for NC 35

    I'm in a search for a good cheeks contour color. I'm Asian, NC 35-40 (I guess now I'm NC 35) I'm afraid of stuff that makes my face either orange or dirty-looking. Powder formula works best for me because I have oily skin. Would love to hear some suggestions.
  7. seonmi

    Where to buy organic skin care products?

    So my skin has been acting up lately and I decided to invest more time and money on skin care instead of makeup. After reading all the stuff here, I want to buy some types of oil (jojoba, apricot, almond, ...), shea butter, vanilla extract ... (basically all the organic stuff) I came across...
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    Rock your soul

    I heard this song from "so you think you can dance" (I love that show ) couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. It's so hard to put on a smile today because I feel sick. I don't like me making that facial expression but can't help it today. At least, I'm going back to school in 2 weeks...
  9. seonmi

    My first FOTD - Friday finally, seeking advice

    So it's Friday. I got to wear a kinda casual outfit with some colorful makeup Face: L'Oreal True Match foundation and powder Estee Lauder blush in Fresh Plum Physicians Formula bronzer Eyes: Max Factor MAXeye Shadow in African Violet. I used the purple part on the outer lid. NYX Wild Fire...
  10. seonmi

    Need foundation help

    I can never tell what shade of foundation to use. I'm relatively new to makeup compared to most people on this site, so I need help desperately. I haven't been wearing foundation all most ever since I don't know what shade and what brand to buy. I was looking at L'Oreal True Match but got so...