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  1. Vendetta

    Why hello there...again!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and reintroduce myself! (I joined in 2006, last time I was active was 2007 and I've changed a lot since then lol.) I'm April, currently 22 from VA, and after having made my first actual MAC purchase a few months ago, I'm in love. I'm glad to be out of lurk...
  2. Vendetta

    anyone in/around Roanoke, VA?

    I've seen a couple VA posts but none of them are anywhere near me... I live in western VA (Roanoke). Anyone from around here?
  3. Vendetta

    Urban Decay powders

    Taking the seal off new ones: how do you do it? I have a Red Hot one I can't use because I can't get the seal off. Meh.
  4. Vendetta

    liquid foundation and clear mascara

    A couple questions: I use clear mascara. What high end brands carry it? And I'm looking for a good high-end foundation and powder...currently I'm using CG Clean Makeup in Buff Beige and CG pressed powder in Transluscent Light, and those are exact match colours for me. What high end foundations...
  5. Vendetta

    organising in small spaces.

    Okay...I have a lot of makeup (I have a post in the main Traincase forum), but right now it's sitting in various bags and boxes and tables and such... For all you ladies that have a ton of makeup and live in places where space is limited (I live in a tiny condo) do you keep it organised...
  6. Vendetta

    my stash.

    Eyes ACT duo- blue/taupe BATH AND BODY WORKS Beautiful by Nature e/s- Lichen BEN NYE eye pencil in Medium Brown COLOR WORKSHOP eyeliners in black and brown COVER GIRL e/s in Arctic Glow COVER GIRL e/s in Blue Wave COVER GIRL Eye Shimmer Pen in Autumn Light JANE Eyezing -It's a Girl JANE...
  7. Vendetta

    the high-end virgin needs help.

    Since I don't have access to much high-end makeup (just Lancome, Clinique and that sort of thing) here in Roanoke, I'd love to try some new high-end things. What kinds of makeup do you recommend to begin buying high-end with? I collect Urban Decay powders, but that's about all I have. Where...
  8. Vendetta

    hey there!

    Hey! I'm April, 18 years old, and new to most high-end makeups. I'm not too familiar with a lot of brands other than the ones that you see everyday here (anything drugstore, Clinique, know, the usual). I have fallen madly in love with Urban Decay powders though, and one Rocket City...