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  1. moonsugar7

    3 FoTD's! Lots 'o pics!!!!

  2. moonsugar7

    If you like Swarovski Crystals

    Wow, saw this in a magazine...Swarovski crystal headphones!!! They even have crystal usb memory chips. link: (NOT dial up friendly) Active Crystals. I think I will get the "space" headphones for my gift to myself, LOL.
  3. moonsugar7

    My First Eotd! Eeep!

    Hi there, I've been a member for a while and love looking at everyone's fotd's. I finally got my camera to take a decent pic of my makeup so I thought I'd share! Oh, excuse the nasty skin tag thing on my lid.....ewww. Products used: Base- L'oreal De-crease Shadows: Lid: Rust (NYX...
  4. moonsugar7

    I love all of these pretty faces!

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd formally introduce myself. I've been lurking for about a month. I'm Jenna, I live in Florida (near Orlando) and am a full time college student. I have enjoyed Spectra sooo much. One of my guilty pleasures is to crawl in bed with my laptop and browse all of the...