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  1. Cdjax

    My Nocturnelle/Formal Black Haul!

    I went to Nordstrom today to check out the new MAC collections. I ended up getting: *Entremauve Pigment- this kind of looks like a more intense version of Grape pigment, which is a shade I really like. *All Woman Lipglass- very pretty shimmery pale pink shade. I wasnt planning on getting any...
  2. Cdjax

    Your Stila Collection

    I'm curious to see what you all have from Stila. Its such a great line! I've got: -Rouge Pot in Water Lily -All Over Color Liquid Luminizer in #3 -Eyeshadow in Kitten, Twilight, Moonlight, Oasis, Wheat, Sun, Poise, La Douce, Jade, Key, Diamond Lil, Summer, Jezebel, Twig, Pewter, Cloud, Cha-Cha...
  3. Cdjax

    My CCO Haul

    I went to the CCO at Prime Outlets Ellenton (Florida), and got some pretty good stuff. Boudoir Hues Quad Silverbleu, Gracious Me, Beige-ing, Taupeographic& Sea Me Shadesticks Cleo's Coral Kiss& Baumy Bronze TLC Bombshell, Chica Boom, Courtly,& Pink Plaid Lipsticks Oceanique& Digit Eyeshadows...
  4. Cdjax

    Duty Free Question

    I'll be at an airport that has a duty free store. Are you allowed to go inside and look around if you are not on an international flight, just a flight between states?