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  1. lexiesupagirl

    ~~**My MAC collection**~~

    Hello there! My name is Lexie, im 19 yrs old, Im a student, so i cant spend that much money on MAC.. but anyway, here is my collection, its about 1,5 year old xxx Lexie lets start with my lip products: conditioners: my foundation and loose powder: eyeshadows: my pressed powders-...
  2. lexiesupagirl

    Eve Pearl is my inspiration

    Hey! I was watching Eve's tut : I thought I will do a similiar look, just a little less dramatic because its daytime so here are pics of Eve's model: and here is what i came up with, less dramatic version. what do you think? EYES: - mac eyeshadows: bamboo mylar mulch...
  3. lexiesupagirl

    playboy bunny look. kinda;)

    Hello! I did this look today.. I got inspired by mreichert and her Bombshell look. I know its different, i added some glitter.. but yeah. this is what i came up with. I always do natural looks using just browns.. so this was so much fun! here are some pics: lips: chanel lipgloss...
  4. lexiesupagirl

    two looks: watermelon&yellow

    Hello! Here are pics of some looks that I did last week.. they are so much fun! pics: watermelon mac ricepaper e/s engraved powerpoint eye pencil from mac pink eye shadow from inglot green is juxt e/s from mac yellow blacktrack fluidline from mac yellow e/s from inglot a little bit of...
  5. lexiesupagirl

    MAC, body shop brush roll and Dior :D

    Hello! I got some cool stuff and decided to share some pics with you guys TAN pigment sample; Dainty blush, Play on Plums, Two to Glow, Rubenesque paintpot, Cream color base in Shell and The body shop brush roll, pink couture shade stick Diorshow Mascara: Bisque e/s thats all xoxoxo
  6. lexiesupagirl

    my super haul:D inglot+ mac.. pics!

    hello! I went shopping today and I got some stuff.. I decided to share some pics with you guys xoxo inglot shadows amd lipgloss: MAC expensive pink e/s, gentle lentil shadestick, cream base in pearl, old gold pigment sample.
  7. lexiesupagirl

    shiny purple look- funky iris

    Hello! I did my makeup like this for the new years eve and all my friends loved it, so i thought ill share some pics with you guys! ps: im not wearing blush and lip conditioner in the second pic eyes: mac vanilla pigment on my browbone gosh pigment in funky iris i mixed vanilla and violet...
  8. lexiesupagirl

    **my haul ** mac,inglot,chanel and some other brands

    Hiya! Me and my mom went shopping today (spending money on makeup is our weaknes lolz).. And I got some stuff! ok, lets go with the pictures: my MAC new view and inglot lipgloss- these lipglosses are new, i dont know if they sell it anywhere except Poland yet, but if they do- go buy them, cos...
  9. lexiesupagirl

    quick nice look.. browns+yogurt e/s

    Hi! this is my look from today.. plz excuse my hair! FACE: -no foundation -chanel quick cover concealer -strada blush from mac -style blush from mac EYES: base: shimmersand shadestick mac eyeshadows: -yogurt -quarry -bamboo -shroom - a little bit of trax -mac prep and prime for lashes...
  10. lexiesupagirl

    "I got into college" haul

    Hello! I got into college yesterday, Im so happy, thats what I wanted. I had to celebrate with shopping;p Im not from USA, so education is a bit different I bought this: and its all cos of this post--> and some MAC stuff...
  11. lexiesupagirl

    Huge Holiday Haul

    hello! I decided to share my holiday haul with you i went to spain iv been there for a week. for me thats alot of stuff.. so yeah.. here we go: clinique, wet'n'wild (cheap stuff) , carlo di roma (spanish cheap stuff), prestige (more cheap makeup ;p) some mac, lancome, bodyshop, chanel, estee...
  12. lexiesupagirl

    my make-up collection (21 pics) ^__^"

  13. lexiesupagirl

    Guess handbags

    Hello! I was wondering, what do you guys think of guess handbags? I dont really like most of them.. But some of them are super cute, I have three so far, just simple, everyday big purses. This is me with one of them: what do you think? my friends hate it lolz
  14. lexiesupagirl

    my first FOTD: Bollywood:)

    Hi all! This look isnt something I wear everyday its waay too dramatic! But me and my mom (she loves bolly too) went to see this show "Baharati", so I had celebrate that with my makeup I hope you like it! just eyes: gentle fume quad from the smke signals collection- all 4 colours. diorshow...
  15. lexiesupagirl

    plz help me: identifying my pigment

    Hello all MAC lovers! Im not sure if its right place for this topic, but i have no idea where else to post it.. my pigment is real, im sure, BUT I have no idea what it name is... see its a long story but.. girls that work at my local MAC store like me (cos i buy alot of stuff there lol) and they...
  16. lexiesupagirl

    could someone swatch Teal pigment? plz plz plz

    hello MAC lovers! Ive got a problem... I bought teal sample on ebay. im not sure if its real.. i dont have a camera at the moment.. so could someone please post a pic of a teal swatch? i know its a waste of your precious time but im so scared i bought something fake.. xoxoxo lexie