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  1. AngelBunny

    Tish made me do it!

    Tish really loved this look on me so she convinced me to post it ... so this is my first FOTD post on Specktra. I do these looks all the time for my blog (long story!) but honestly, some of you ladies have such amazing skills that it just intimidates the living hades out of me Since she sent...
  2. AngelBunny

    Mommy's Day Off! Haul

    The "husband" is at work for the week ... the kids had daycare today ... and because it is Thanksgiving break in my school district I had the day to myself! Of course I went shopping and got a few things ... L to R: Little Darlings Cool piggies set, Eyeliner mixing medium, Moonstone lip...
  3. AngelBunny

    Welcome to my world ... VERY pic heavy!

    Pictures updated 7.2.09 ... mostly MAC-ness now but the wall still stands.
  4. AngelBunny

    High Water Bills!

    I wasn't really sure where to post this ... but I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share the laugh! YouTube - Water Leak Problem
  5. AngelBunny

    My first haul post on Specktra ...

    Though not my first haul ... but one of the biggest in a LONG time! I already informed my babysitter that if I ask her to watch the boys while I go shopping anytime between now and Christmas JUST SAY NO! They had the Nordie's launch event for Red, She Said and Sheer Minerals today ... so I had...