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  1. miss0annette

    Looking for skincare products

    Hi ladies, I need some recommendations for skincare. I have normal skin, a bit oily in the t-zone but mostly normal. Right now all I use is Clean and Clear but I really want to invest in some better skincare products. I'm looking for an exfoliator, a wash, and a moisturizer (am I missing...
  2. miss0annette

    How does your makeup travel?

    I'm interested in knowing how all you ladies and gents travel with your makeup? I'm thinking travel as in vacations, long weekends, etc. Do you do big train cases? Small makeup bags? How do you not take every single shadow with you? :lol: Also, my main concern are my brushes. I'm thinking I...
  3. miss0annette

    Website issues

    Specktra is not playing nice on my MacBook Pro today. So I am sticking to mobile mode on my iPhone for now. Anyone else having problems on their macs?
  4. miss0annette

    A late hello!

    I never got to post in the newbie/welcome forum because I just kind of jumped right in! So... Hi everyone! My name is Annette and I love mac (omg, is this AA?) I have just joined a few months ago and I am so glad I found you all. No one understands my love for makeup but you...
  5. miss0annette

    Sigma Resort Palette

    Hello ladies! Just wondering if anyone has checked out the Sigma Resort Palette. I kind of like that shadow colors. They're really good for spring/summer. I'm thinking of getting it but I've never purchased anything from Sigma. I wonder what the Mac equivalents would be for these shadows.
  6. miss0annette

    Top MAC Shadows for my brown eyes

    Hello ladies I apologize if this has been posted already. I'd like your advice. I'm interested in creating my own mac palette. What are the top 10 mac eyeshadows that I should include? I have dark brown eyes, brown hair, and NC40 skin. I'm stuck on my UD Naked palette right now...