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    Hi everybody, my i'm macvirgin. I joined Specktra in 2006 and was a very active member. I lost my way from Specktra cause 'life took over and now im back. I'm gonna try to be active over here again. I missed Specktra :( and the fun i use to have over here. Í tought i would introduce myself again...
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    Again mini haul

    Like the title says again a haul. A lil one this time lol. The mac 131 brush and the eyeshadow ODD Bits (Colour Craft). On the same sale i also got Sharkskin shadestick. From another member i got Frozen White pigment and a mes blush in Merrily. I got more things coming in the mail soon...
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    A couple of things

    I bought some things on a couple of sales on here and lj. I'm just gonna name the things i allready got. The stuff that has to come in, i'll name later when i get them . Here it goes: Tinted lip conditioner in Fucshia fix True Chartreuse pigment Electric Eel e/s 2x Blush palettes See Thru...
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    Mini haul

    Went to Mac today, havent been there in the longest time since i've been sick. So today my sister needed to match her foundation (yeah she's becoming pretty mac crazy thanks to moi lol) plus i wanted to check out Color Craft and buy a new brow pencil. I don't know what it is but nothing realy...
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    I wonder if..

    any of you have ever shipped a traincase internationaly, and do remember what the shipping cost was. Or maybe you have received one from overseas. Do you remember what you paid for shipping. Thanks
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    ~*~ Lil haulage and lil cp ~*~

    Yes yes! it's me again. So today i got myself a lil goodie, something for my sister's birthday and also cp for a lovely specktrette . On with the show, nothing special though. Nocturnelle Nail Polish (2x) (1 for me and one a cp) Babied (for my lovely sis cause she loves mine so much, and i...
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    ~*~ Oops! i think i did it again!......~*~

    *oops i did it again ............ gotta love Britney lol. Been having that song in my head for some odd reason! lol * On to my lil haul of yesterday. Flammable paint! (i had a nice sample, but am happy to found a tube of this oh so pretty paint!) C-thru mini
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    Faking it in holland to??

    Are they faking it over here to?!. Take a look at this, or is it just me? :confused:
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    Today's haul for my kit C2 Face & Body Foundation BNIB PRO Invisible Set Powder Royal Wink Fluidline Last week: Blue Peep and Sweet Sage fluidliners Soba *don't remember writing these down*
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    ~*~ The shit doesn't fit in it! lol ~*~

    Whahahaha yeah, so like i said in the haul section hubby says i'm in denail. When he saw me trying to fit my mac into the case he laught so hard! He was like 'told you your mac shit is not gonna fit in there!'. I did my best to fit everything in there, but no luck this is just half of it and i...
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    traincase for my mac

    So i finaly bought traincase just fo my mac, nothing to special. Just a case for my mac only .... just to realise my mac doesn't fit this big oll case lol! :roll: *Hubby says i'm in denial about what i actualy have* These are on their way home to mama! from a lovely Specktrette...
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    *yeah i had to!*.... lol!

    my haul today: Entremauve *such a hot pigment color!* Breezy * love this blushcolor!*
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    My haul of today *rest of the week & last week

    My haul from today, this and last week Today Face brush set: *with the mini 187!!! it's so damn cute* I have all the brushes in full size, of some i have 2.... but i hae carrying the brushes. I realy wanted a mini 187 so i can leave the fullsize i carry around at home . *I'll take pics...
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    How weard is that!

    So last week i went to mac (duhhh ) to buy Studio fix cause i realy wanted to try the compact. There was a new MA there that i new from being a hairdresser else where in that huge store. I told himwhy iwanted the studio fix bu he emiiatly told me no 'you don't need it, stick to your foundation...
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    hahahaha! i love the mood option here! the funiest thing ever!! specktra is so much fun! sorry you guys i just love this option
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    ~*~ Brown Gems ~*~ C'monandlookatit!!

    So nothing exiting on the colors, just lots of browns. He it goes Eyes: CoCo Beach pigm Tempting Amber lights Goldmine Club Blacktrack Nylon prep and prime eyes in medium dark Lashes: Mac *like always, have to go look man lol* Face: Hypereal foundation nc500 select cover up...
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    Hmm how come my itrader rate says "0"?? :confused: ..... i have like 38 transactions
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    Hauling like a mean it! *but i do!!*

    So i rarely post in the haul section, but i'm so exited about this haul!! omg i can't wait for it to get here!!! These are my hauls of the week From sonrisa's sale: Parrot used Parrot (jewel eyes palette BNIB) Parrot (liza pm quad used x2) coco beach (bnnb) chrome yellow (pan bnib) and...
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    ~Color me blue and call me pompous?.. oh never mind just click it! lol! ~pic heavy~

    Again i'm listing what i used later girls or just ask if you want Here i look like i was hanging with Withney Houston lol! you know like someone passed me some lol! Eyes: CoCo pigm Pompous blue Coppering Carbon Nehru Blacktrack Metal rock msf prep and prime eyes in medium...
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    ~~* Smokey'ish eyes & dorky smile Yup yup! *~~

    By know you girls know i'm lazy to take fotd's lol!. But itook some pics this week, so i thought i'll post them. Hmm i'f you wanna know what i used ask . Eyes: Gold dusk Orange tangent juiced carbon club mulch metal rock msf prep and prime eyes in medium dark blacktrack Lashes: Mac...