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  1. ms. kendra

    What to Wear with "Bare Necessity"?

    I have Bare Necessity Dazzleglass and while I love it, I'm not sure what lipstick or lipliner I can pair with it. I'm NC45 for reference. I don't mind wearing it alone but it's a little too glittery/beigey for me. I'd like to be able to put it over something to spice it up. Any ideas would be...
  2. ms. kendra

    Where Are They Getting This Stuff From?

    So my husband came home yesterday and told me one of his co-workers is selling MAC!! You know I had to scoff at that, because I'm like "how is that possible?" Sure enough he showed me pics that she had sent him and other emplyees of her "stock." I immeditely knew they'd be fakes, and looking...
  3. ms. kendra

    Favorite Loose Beauty Powders??

    I'm in the market for a really pretty loose beauty powder. There are some samples for sale in the swap section. But I thought I'd ask first. I'd like to know which ones you ladies like. I'm NC45 btw. Thanks!
  4. ms. kendra

    Honestly.....Fave/Least Fave Mineral Brands???

    I get so overwhelmed with these mineral brands. There are soooo many to choose from (beauty from the earth, fyrinnae, face front, mad minerals, pure luxe, etc). I want to order a little something from each of them! So from your own experience what are your favorite/least favorite brands and...
  5. ms. kendra

    Top 3 Must Have Browns!

    What are three brown MAC shadows you love? Light, medium, or dark, it doesn't matter.
  6. ms. kendra

    WOC - Love That Look

    So what do you guys love from this collection? I love Smoke and Diamonds, and Fashion Groupie. Fashion Groupie is a great purple for NC45 skin. I'm trying not to jump on the Unbasic White bandwagon because I really don't need a white shadow like that. I have Nylon, Vanilla, and a shimmery...
  7. ms. kendra

    Mole Removal

    Have any ladies here had facial moles removed? Specifically lasered/burned off?? I have a light sprinkle on my cheeks that seems to keep growing as I age. I'd rather not look like Morgan Freeman by the time I'm Anyone had them treated, or know someone who has? Thanks!