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    Clearing out my makeup collection

    Bump 👆
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    What Do You Love To Wear During Spring?

    Not that I’ll be putting away my sweaters and leggings anytime soon, but flowy rompers and jumpsuits are my go-to as well as lightweight shirt dresses. I‘m also looking forward to finally wearing sandals instead of boots!
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    Does music helps to increase focus?

    It does for me. Whether I’m in the office or at home, it helps tune out (pardon the pun) the other distractions that occur around me like hallway conversations, dogs barking, etc. It also helps my mood especially if I’m really feeling crappy or just not in the mood to work lol
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    Clearing out my makeup collection

    After a significant hiatus, I am back on Specktra and looking forward to engaging with the Specktra community again... I will be adding new items so be on the lookout! Everything is in great condition unless otherwise specified. If you have a wishlist item, feel free to DM me and I can check if...
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    M.A.C's top guru shares HOT holiday tips snagged M.A.C's senior makeup artist, John Stapleton, to walk us through THE looks to snag this holiday season. (Oldies but Goodies!!) Start Slideshow The Berry Lip: The Cat-Eye: The Smokey Eye:
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    GREAT NEWS! MAC is expanding its permanent collection of nail polishes....

    According to, MAC is expanding Its permanent polish collection...YAY!!!!
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    Technique: Creating the 'Winged Eye'

    Just Wing It—A thick, defined line with a winged embellishment creates the ideal almond-shaped eye. It's what you get when you mix elegance and retro with a dash of sex kitten. M.A.C.'s Keri Blair weighs in: The Tips: "I find that a gel-based liner is easier to control than a liquid liner...
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    Technique: How to create a smoky eye with eyeliner and make it last

    Smudge It Out—A blended, smudged line is the easiest way to make your eyes pop and finish your overall look. Keep it light for an effortless, low-key vibe, or for more drama, pile on the liner and go extra smoky. MAC Senior Artist, Keri Blair, shows us a trick to making the look last. The...
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    10 Hot Tips for Winter from MAC MUAs

    I got this in an email today: Survive the winter chill and put your best face forward for the Holiday season with these 'hot' tips from our Senior Artists. Top 10 winter survival tips: 1. While applying concealer around eyes, mix a little Fast Response Eye Cream. It applies...
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    MAC featured in 2010 Women's Health Beauty Awards

    Found a great lineup of products that were chosen by readers of WH and experts and lists editor's picks as well... MAC eyeshadow in Honey Lust was picked as Best Eyeshadow by readers. MAC fluidline in Blacktrack was picked as Best Eyeliner by experts. Here is the full list: Beauty Awards...
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    Kim Kardashian's Style Secrets on People's StyleWatch

    The February cover girl gives StyleWatch the scoop on how to get her sexy style – plus shop her must-haves for less! I love her makeup in tip #12!
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    Not able to edit Sales post?

    Is anyone else having trouble editing their sales post? I've tried several times but no luck in saving the changes...
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    My "I love live Samba music in SF" haul

    So, I was taking a lunchtime stroll with an old friend, heading towards the Embarcadero...There was music playing but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from....I turn the corner and what do you know? A samba band playing and people from the sidewalk just dancing!! I love the energy in...
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    "I was good until temptation got the best of me" haul....

    B2M haul: Pink Rebel lustre drops x2 Naked Honey skin salve Brave New Bronze l/s Queen Bee l/g Buzz l/g Creme de Miel e/s Buckwheat e/s Et Tu, Bouquet? e/s plus I just got my F&F haul
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    Michael Jackson Passes Away...

    Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back. Full Story: Michael Jackson Dies I am soo sad about this ...He was the ultimate...
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    My "I got a visit from Santa Hubby" haul

    Sooo...even though my hubby cannot understand the obsession I have with MAC, he was generous enough to get me some items from the new Dame Edna collection: I my Santa Hubby! Items from the collection: Spectacle highlight powder Close-up Wisteria and Royal Tour e/s trio palettes...
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    Kim Kardashian's MAC attack

    Kim is featured on's Star Tracks toting a bag of MAC goodies in West Hollywood...
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    Fake MAC face case...

    This is soo fake, I'm speechless! MAC PARIS TWO-WAY CAKE SET#02 , *FREE SHIPPING* - eBay (item 320299245260 end time Sep-18-08 19:18:15 PDT)
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    My 'Just Because' Haul

    'Just because' I happened to click on the MAC website just when Naughty Nauticals came out: Mutiny, Bell-Bottom Blue, Lark About pigments Illegal Cargo, Submarine, Pandemonium, Shore Leave, Meet the Fleet e/s Naughty Nautical nail polish Bateaux lg and Buoy-O-Buoy l/s 'Just because' I passed...
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    My "Oops! I did it again" Haul

    I've gone and done it...again! (and again, from the usual sources..Thanks! ) What I got: EYES: Botanical e/s Turquatic e/s Idol Eyes e/s Honey Lust e/s Budding Beauty e/s Gilded White p/p eye pencil Reflecto e/l Pigment samples: Pink Pearl, Steel Blue, Gold Dusk FACE: Sweet as Cocoa blush...