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  1. persephonewillo

    Mark Self Sanctuary scent mist in Berry Cranberry

    anyone else love this?? i bought the body wash and loved it so much i had to get the body lotion and scent mist. it reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls i had as a child. i smell all sweet and innocent... such a disguise LOL.
  2. persephonewillo

    i think i'm falling in love...

    and i want to talk about it but feel like i'm going to jinx it if i open my mouth!! am i the only one a little superstitious like this?
  3. persephonewillo

    before and after pics of my makeover

    i was on a makeover tv show called Style by Jury. here's me before: and me after (all professionally made up by a stylist, makeup artist, and hair dresser... i tried to take them all home with me, but they didn't fit in my bag so smuggling them out of the studio wasn't possible):
  4. persephonewillo

    before and after my new veneers

    does anyone remember me? i've been so busy with getting my life back together after my marriage broke up that i haven't been here much. but i just HAD to post pics of my new look. i am so excited my veneers are finished! i'm so stoked! i was nominated for a makeover show by a friend and...
  5. persephonewillo

    funny house plan photo

    i came across this yesterday in one of the floor plan books hanging around (i love looking at floor plans). LOL can you see it? if not, here's a closer look: LOL!!
  6. persephonewillo

    super sleeping pills.

    my doctor gave me some anti-anxiety meds to help me through the divorce. i'm used to taking them, i've been on them for years. but she upped the dosage so they'll help me sleep too. eeesh. i took HALF of one last night, slept like the dead. i woke up tired. got dressed, played some games...
  7. persephonewillo

    more Rainbow colour socks i've knit :)

    even with all the divorce drama going on i've still been knitting i figure i might as well continue with the socks in between job hunting and helping my mum around the house... i've been putting them on etsy to earn a wee little bit of cash until a real job comes up ...i've been on a bit of...
  8. persephonewillo

    my marriage is over

    and i'm starting over from scratch. i have been a stay at home mum since i graduated high school, now i have to find a job that will pay enough so i can move out of my parents apartment. yay. i haven't worked (outside of the home) in 15 years!! facebook and girlies who have no problem...
  9. persephonewillo

    anyone else make soap?

    cold process/from scratch or M&P?
  10. persephonewillo

    lace doily i knit for my MIL

    i know, i know... a doily. so old fashioned! she has them all over the house though... all crocheted. her favourite colour is red. so i thought that for her birthday (which is today) i'd knit her her first red doily. pardon the pins and the yellow kitchen towel in the background (which kind...
  11. persephonewillo

    matching or mismatching stripes? help me decide :)

    i've knit this first sock. i'm calling them the 70's socks. i randomly put in the stripes. now that i'm about to start the second sock, i'm not sure if i should knit it so the stripes match on both socks? or just randomly stripe the second (in the same colours of course), so that the socks...
  12. persephonewillo

    my husband got me a new ruby ring :)

    he can be so sweet to me!
  13. persephonewillo

    Rainbow Socks

    i hope whoever ends up with them loves them as much as i do
  14. persephonewillo

    more hand knit socks

    i have so many i've started putting some on Etsy. but i can't.stop.knitting.them! i'd admit i have a problem, but i've heard that's the first step to recovery and i don't want to recover. Monet Water Lily socks: Pirate socks for my daughter: fraternal twins:
  15. persephonewillo

    i finished my mum's Christmas gift... (lace stole)

    my mum never wears stoles/shawls. a few years ago i made her a lace pair of gloves in a very similar colour, so when i saw this yarn i *had* to make something for her out of it. i picked a stole pattern, so she can use it as more of a scarf than an actual shawl. here it is in progress...
  16. persephonewillo

    Rainbow Eye

    pardon the fleck of whatever (eyeliner? mascara?) on my lid. i didn't see it there until i looked at the photos. and frankly, i'm too lazy to retake them so here it is. my take on the Rainbow look. FACE: - Monistat anti-chafing gel - green cover up from Physician's Formula - Studio Fix...
  17. persephonewillo

    on a serious weight loss journey.

    i *need* to lose weight. not just for looks, but for health. i used to be obese, but lost 40lbs and got into the high end of the normal scale... simply overweight. and then i stalled. and then i gained about 15lbs back. and now my blood pressure is up. so i'm getting serious about...
  18. persephonewillo

    a shawl i knit. i started it 2 years ago this month.

    the yarn i used is so thin! i bought it on eBay and it said "lace weight", but i swear it was closer to cobweb weight. i think i've seen thread thicker than this yarn! i had to put the unfinished shawl away a few times to take a break from it. and by the time i got to the ruffle at the...
  19. persephonewillo

    lipstick like High Top without the glitter?

    i LOVE MAC's Fafi High Top lipstick! i love the sparkles and the purple! but... the glitter just isn't always appropriate. i often find myself wishing i could just take the glitter out and leave everything else exactly as it is. do any of you have any recs for a MAC lipstick very similar...
  20. persephonewillo

    inspired by Graziella*K fotd

    i was inspired by Graziella's cool side Urban Decay look. here's what i used: FACE: - monistat's anti-chafing gel/powder stuff - MAC studio fix powder in NW20 - blush from Too Faced's Bathing Beauty palette EYES: - LashBlast mascara - Bonne Bell black eyeliner - MAC Stars n Rockets - MAC...