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  1. Jenlai

    Please help...E/S rec's for a friend's b-day present

    Hi everybody!!! I am going to make my friend an e/s quad for her b-day. She is probably around an NW40. She likes neutrals, and she likes silvers. Any recs for good shades that would show up on her skin nicely would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Jenlai

    Pigment or shadow similar to Rebel Rock Blue???

    Hi All! Does anyone have any suggestions for a pigment, pigment mix, or a shadow that would be similar to the LE rebel rock blue? Thanks in advance!
  3. Jenlai

    Prep + Prime sparkle on the boxes?

    Hi, I just purchased some Prep+Prime SPF 50 for the face and some Prep+Prime Eye off of Ebay. Are the boxes supposed to have sparkle in the black? I know most other boxes, such as the shadow boxes are a matte black. These boxes are more glossy with slight sparkle on them. Does anyone have...