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  1. Mac_Wendy

    are the new collections ....

    out this thursday- 6th august - in stores, ie glasgow, i know they are online but im going friday and dont want to make a wasted journey, thanks x im after love that look
  2. Mac_Wendy

    Anyone bought from this ebay seller.....

    bongolian. Ive seen a few things that i want, but wanted to check if anyone's bought from the seller first and if the MAC is authentic. Thanks
  3. Mac_Wendy

    Eyeshadow finish help!!!

    Can someone check that I have wrote the correct finish for my eyeshadows listed below, theres a few I haven't got, if anyone can fill them in, that would be great, thanks Alum Satin Aquadisiac Lustre Beautiful Iris Veluxe Frost[/color] Beauty Marked...
  4. Mac_Wendy

    Anyone bought from this seller.....

    Has anyone bought anything from Ebay of this seller - bargainsbasement2008 There is stuff that i want, but don't want to be buying fake MAC. Many thanks xx
  5. Mac_Wendy

    Pigment Samples?

    Hey everyone I was just wondering where everyone gets there pigment samples from (if you do that is) as I want to try the pigments out before I buy the jar. Many thanks
  6. Mac_Wendy

    what would you do?

    Hi I don't know what to do, i bought something from the US swap shop on the 14th July, (2 weeks ago) and have not received anything, i know it can take a couple of weeks to get here, but when i paid for the item i asked if she could let me know when its been sent. Also im moving next friday...
  7. Mac_Wendy

    clue e/s

    hi i dont know if this is the right place to post this, but can anyone help me find a e/s that is close to clue , ive heard that satin taupe might work, but im not too sure. thanks for any help
  8. Mac_Wendy

    is this sellers MAC real or fake?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this ebay sellers stuff is real or fake, before i purchase anything. thanks seller is - julie150463
  9. Mac_Wendy

    CCO's in Holland or Germany

    Anyone know if there are any CCO's in Holland or Germany, moving over there next month. Many thanks
  10. Mac_Wendy

    What brushes to get?

    Hi everyone I just wanted to know if anyone can let me know what brushes are essential to buy, ive got a few, but wanted to know what ones were best for eyes, shading,blending, etc and the same for face, lips etc. many thanks