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  1. blueyedlady87

    How I almost blinded myself yesturday..

    Geez, sometimes I'm a ditz. Yesturday I was cutting off my nails (I wear acrylics and they were lifting). Anyone who has ever cut off acrylics knows they go flying and hit random things. Seriously, it's like *ping* and a few seconds later they randomly hit some wall or whatever. Funny actually...
  2. blueyedlady87

    PLEASE recommend a good laptop!

    Hello all! How are we doing on this lovely Friday? I'm sure some of you here on Specktra use a laptop. I am starting college and I'm probably going to be able to get a laptop as my graduation/going to college gift. I have been searching the net for hours but nothing is really standing out...
  3. blueyedlady87

    Sweat-proof Foundation?

    Hey all! Well it's been hotter than hot here in southern california, (90s already!) And I work at a drycleaning place so you can imagine when the machines and steam get going, it's an oven. (On the plus side, you lose weight and don't have to work out!) Anyways- I'm finding that my foundation...
  4. blueyedlady87

    ~*new camera fotd*~

    Woo-hoo, finally got a decent camera! (My old one fell and broke at Disneyland forever ago.) I lucked out biiiig time on the camera! Clearence for only $130 and it's a Temperley for Nikon. (Yep, they did a collabo w/ MAC a while back). So now I can post fotds again, yay! Okayyyy, Eyes...
  5. blueyedlady87

    MAC scarred me for life aka BAD experience

    Joking about the title (sort of). Here's my story. It's embarassing but oh well. A couple months ago at a MAC counter I admired a lipstick and the salesgal was like, 'O here let me put it on for you!' And I of course agreed. She then said, 'It was just cleaned' and doesn't wait for a reply just...
  6. blueyedlady87

    Theme and name question---

    2 questions- 1. How do I change the theme 'background, colors' on Specktra? I did it before to get it to the Madame B one (I think) but now I can't find it anywhere and am rather due for a change of scenery. 2. Is it possible to change my username without starting a new account and such? I...
  7. blueyedlady87

    Cabana Pink v. Sandy B

    Anyone who's seen it, can you tell me if they're similar? From the pictures they look pretty close. I had Sandy B awhile back but it melted. :/ So I'm debating wheather to get this one or not. Sandy B was a bit too gold on me, so I don't want a repeat of that episode, lol. Thanks guys! :0)
  8. blueyedlady87

    Glitterliners on website!

    G/ls are in the goodbyes section of the website. wtf?
  9. blueyedlady87

    MAC Live Chat Answers/Retrodaze??

    I did a Live Chat today becuase I know myself and some other gals on here had some ?s regarding Budding Beauty. I talked with Amy and she said: 1. Budding Beauty is more fuschia/magenta than Sushi Flower which is more coral, she said its worth owning both (which means I have to get it!) 2. BB...
  10. blueyedlady87

    CCO - when do they restock?

    Hey guys! Well I'm planning a trip to a CCO during spring break. And I was just wondering if anyone knew when they get their MAC shipments. Is it the same time every month? Or is it random? I want to go when they will have the most possible merchandise! Lol. Also, has anyone by chance been to...
  11. blueyedlady87

    *Vacation FOTDs*

    Shopping Day! + Sketch, Cranberry, All That Glitters, Bordeaxline, Sunday Best, Naked Lunch etc. (eyelashes bending weird ?) "Beach" Day (It was lightly snowing a few miles from the beach and it was freezing.) We are having crazy weather in SoCal. + Violet Pigment, Satellite Dreams, Parfait...
  12. blueyedlady87

    Cosmetology School Interview!

    So for my interview for cosmetology school I did a basic black/white theme. It went pretty well. But he was a hard interviewer so i'm not sure. Only 35 out of 100 are chosen, so keep your fingers crossed! And this is one of my babies! the other one did not want her pic taken. And a look I...
  13. blueyedlady87

    Cosmetology School Interview!!!

    Well guys I'm freaking out a little right now! On Thursday i have an appointment to interview for a position in cosmetology school. In my state (CA), they will pay for you to go to beauty school as a part of your senior classes if you get accepted. I'm very excited! Not only would it be totally...
  14. blueyedlady87

    What products would you like to see MAC make?

    *(If this should go somewhere else, I'm sorry!) I was just thinking about what kinds of products i would invent if I worked at MAC. So here's list i came up with: *Lip Plumpers (these are so hot right now, my must-have) *Thick hand Cream (I put lotion on my hands constantly) *An eye base...
  15. blueyedlady87

    Need Help W/ CS issue!!

    I am stressing so much right now! I'm sure some of you read my rant on here about Lavender Sky and Petal Pusher (I got defects). My Macys absolutely won't take returns without original boxes. So a few weeks ago I contacted MAC via e-mail complaining. They responded today. Their email said that...
  16. blueyedlady87

    tequila makes her clothes fall off ;)

    So I have that song Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off stuck in my head! It's so funny. Anyways, heres a lil breakdown: * Oil Control Lotion+Select Matte Foundation * Clinique Loose Powder * Sephora Eye Brow Pencil+Clear Gel * Bare Canvas Paint as Base * Slip Pink on Lid * Black Tied+Botanical...
  17. blueyedlady87

    Lavender Sky e/s

    Ok, so I bought the Culturebloom collection yesterday at MAC. I love (most) of it. My problem is Lavender Sky. This is supposed to be a Veluxe Pearl (aka the preferred finish). Mine is awful. There is literally no color pay-off. And after only one use it has developed a thick layer on top, (like...
  18. blueyedlady87

    Anorexia in Hollywood

    I just saw this pic of Kate Bosworth. It makes me sick to just look at it. Why would anyone do that to themselves? Her legs are just awful, all bony and no thighs. She used to be so pretty when she was trim and muscular (like in Blue Crush). it makes me sad b/c some young girls actually want to...
  19. blueyedlady87

    Cheek contouring?

    I have been seeing some nice FOTDs with great cheek contouring that brings out the cheek bones. I can never seem to be able to do this. So any help is greatly appreciated. (Admins- if this a repeat post or in the wrong place I'm sorry!) Me-
  20. blueyedlady87

    Not able to PM (Nessa?)

    Hello. So, this is to 'Nessa and anyone else out there who can maybe help me out. ABout 2 weeks ago when I went to reply to a PM from Nessa, all of a sudden I couldn't do it. my screen freezes as soon as I hit 'submit message'. It only does it here on Specktra. So i'm thinking its Specktra and...