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  1. s0xjuicy

    Canadian (& international!) make-up lovers

    I headed over to Sephora yesterday and as much as I loved everything, I hated the prices! UDPP was $18, where TFSI was $24! And I ended up buying the UD Deluxe Shadow Box which was $43, and a mini sample of TF Lash Injection which was $10 [as much as a full sized drugstore mascara] It just...
  2. s0xjuicy

    Sunless Tanner for legs?

    I have grad pictures coming up, and I'm wearing a high waisted skirt, and my legs are PALE, so I was looking for good recommendations for a lotion that I can get at a drugstore [specifically Shoppers Drug Mart] or Wal-Mart or something. I'm looking for something gradual. Any suggestions? My...
  3. s0xjuicy

    Loreal HiP in Canada

    Hey guys, this is just for all the Canadians out there that wanted to try a bigger range on HiP products, my local Shoppers Drug Mart has the cream liners, and 2 of the pigments [a orange/coppery one, and a white one] and a volumizing mascara, and some other thing but I can't remember what...
  4. s0xjuicy

    New flat iron = straighter hair?

    So I posted a thread earlier asking if a better flat iron will help your hair stay straighter during humid/moisture, and I recently got a new better flat iron, and I've noticed that even after I shower and wash my hair, and my hair is dry, it's significantly straighter than it was before I...
  5. s0xjuicy

    Hair straighteners & staying power?

    I've always wondered about this, I have wavy/curlyish hair I have this Conair straightener that I bought from Wal-Mart for about $70, it heats up fast and does a decent job, even though I have to run it through each strand 2-3 times. If I were to buy a higher end straightener, such as the ones...
  6. s0xjuicy


    I was just wondering, since everyone is in the pursuit for the perfect mascara, what do you think is more important, formula or the brush, or maybe is it technique on applying mascara? Because what I've noticed, although I've only tried maybe 3-4 mascara, most of them do the same thing, and if...
  7. s0xjuicy

    Starting out in makeup brushes.

    I'm JUST getting into make-up, and I realized that I need a good set of brushes, but I'm not comfortable with spending so much money on MAC brushes especially since I don't even really know what I'm doing with them, so I was wondering, where can I get good brush sets or make-up brushes...
  8. s0xjuicy

    Hair help

    I went in with hair like this and asked if I could get something along the lines of this picture: And I came out with this:
  9. s0xjuicy

    Carbon as eyeliner?

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I did a search and nothing came up :/ I've heard of people using carbon as a eyeliner, exactly how would you go about doing this? Would you need to use it wet or what? tia (:
  10. s0xjuicy

    Ever gotten wrongly matched?

    So, I'm a complete make-up n00b, and I wanted to look into getting foundation, and I thought it would be better for me to get matched for foundation @ MAC than going to a drugstore and trying to choose the right colour, but I was wondering, has anyone gotten wrongly matched for foundation at MAC?
  11. s0xjuicy

    Eyeshadow placement tutorials?

    I hope this is the right place to put this, if not sorry! I'm looking for tutorials [preferally video ones] on how to apply eyeshadow. I know it seems like a silly question but I just got into make-up, and I've had trouble trying to apply one eyeshadow on to my eye, like how far up I go and...