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  1. Jangsara

    Look for fun: Aurora Borealis

    Aka. the Northern Lights. I was asked to do a look of Aurora Borealis, and I wanted to do something dark but still colorfull, mystical and beautiful. MAC Blackground p/p MAC Painterly p/p MAC Kelly Green pigm. Pure Luxe Tangarine Gosh Blue Whale effect powder Gosh Fox effect powder...
  2. Jangsara

    EOTN: Finally Blue

    I've always been sucker with blues, so I'm so excited that I managed to do a pretty look using blue! I know it took also purple to make it work,but there is definately blue in it MAC Blackground p/p MAC Painterly p/p SMH Walking After Midnight (outer half of lid) SMH 1492 ( inner half of...
  3. Jangsara

    Stars Makeup Haven Swatches

    Bee's Knees: Champagne: * NO SWATCH* Mimosa: * NO SWATCH* Over the Moon: Light My Fire: Flare for the dramatic: Shimmerbrick: Wine Not? : Plum Crazy: Walking After Midnight: 1492: Fresh: Limelight: Metro: Frenzy:
  4. Jangsara

    LOTD: Obsessed with Green

    Let's continue with my LOTD's, since anything else doesn't apparently get published (ie. Shamesless Promotion, YouTube tutorials..) But anyway. I have a thing for green right now: Eyes: NYX Jumbo pencil Milk (base) MAC Pagan e/s (lid) MAC Kelly Green ( crease and above + lower lashline)...
  5. Jangsara

    LOTD: Northern Flames

    I just love my MAC Off the Page e/s. I think it's really unique shade, orange with frosty gold tint.It's really alive color, and I wouldn't change it away EVER I also love my MAC Cranberry, it's suits almost with anything, and it goes well with my eyecolor. And so my LOTD included both of...
  6. Jangsara

    Look just for fun: Crazy Circus

    I saw a look while back where someone had used orange and purple together. Of course I wanted to try that! This is what I came up: Eye: MAC Painterly p/p as a base (lid) NYX Jumbo pencil Milk as a base (highlight & lower lashline) MAC Off the Page e/s (lid) MAC Acid Orange pigment (lid)...
  7. Jangsara

    LOTD: Deep Blue Something

    I was thrilled to do my LOTD with MAC Deep Blue Green pigment. I LOVE it. Some bad pictures, but they show the color's changing so well: And one in direct sunlight: Changing of the color is IMO amazing. It looks almost like a complete different makeup! MAC Blackground p/p MAC Painterly...
  8. Jangsara

    Gore wound tutorial for Halloween

    Do you want to learn how to do this super easy look for Halloween? Check out my tutorial from youtube: YouTube - Gore sewed wound tutorial
  9. Jangsara

    LOTN: Dark angel

    With blond wig: With own hair: There's MAC Painterly p/p Mschic mineral black MAC Off the Page MAC Cranberry MuS Goldglow
  10. Jangsara

    Look Just For Fun: Red Hot

    This look I did just for fun. With flash: In natural light: Whole look: MAC Painterly p/p Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk MAC Brash & Bold pigment MUFE Star Powder 90953 MuS East microshadow Mus Goldgold eyedust MAC Off the Page eyeshadow MAC Blacktrack fluidliner Max Factor False Lash Effect...
  11. Jangsara

    It's me, Jangsara, from Finland!

    Yay! I've never been good at introducing myself. I'm 24, addicted to makeup, I live in Finland, and I wish I could be professional with makeup someday. You maybe get to know me better if you check out my makeup blog: Makeup your Jangsara Or my art gallery: Jangsara on deviantART
  12. Jangsara

    MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics swatches on lid

    Ou, this got removed to here. THIS IS NOT MY EOTD, this is swatch photo of MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics -collection. A bit different swatch picture, I hope it's okey: Brash & Bold on lid Push the Edge on crease and above Off the Page on lower lash line (Nyx Pearl Mania Lilac on highlight)...