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  1. Julie

    Going to Cosmetology School:)

    I just had to share my excitement. I am starting Cosmetology School in November. It is only 10 minutes away from my house which makes it even more perfect. I can't wait to get started.
  2. Julie

    Sephora Haul!!!

    Smashbox All Access VIP Beauty Must Haves Kit Make Up For Ever Star Powder in 929 Bronze Khaki Sephora Pink Vanity Brush Holder (Tall One) I also got Free Samples of Diorshow Mascara, Alison Raffaele Transparent Powder, Jonathan Product and Bourjois Matte Foundation. I love my brush holder and...
  3. Julie

    First Somewhat EOTD!

    Okay, I know u can't see much that's why I'm posting. I need some tips on how to make my eyeshadow show up in photos. The eyeshadows were much deeper in person and in the pic it looks like I'm wearing almost nothing but eyeliner and mascara. I use a Sony Cyber Shot 3.2 and I use a tissue over...
  4. Julie

    Strength Training Questions

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how many times a week you are supposed to Strength Train? Do you skip a day or do you do consecutive days? I like using free weights and doing various leg exercizes but I am not sure how much I should be doing. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Julie

    My Journey towards health & Happiness!

    Well I started gaining weight when I was eighteen and I continued to gain through out the years and I am 26 now. I was a size 5 and now I am a size 16. I tried L.A. Weight Loss but I counldn't take going in and getting weighed everytime it was too embarrassing for me. I manage to exercize 1-2...
  6. Julie

    MARK Sales Representative

    Kinda off topic but is anyone here a MARK Sales Rep? I was going to make a purchase and then I decided that I might as well become a rep to sell to my friends and family. If you a Sales Rep can you tell me how u like it and how it works? I went to their website but wanted to hear about some real...
  7. Julie

    She Shines Pigments Selling Out :)

    I keep checking on and they are down to 2 of the new colors. I place an order for all of them except the repromotes but still have received it from MAC. It keeps saying pending on my order status and now I am worried I might not get them. I was even considering getting backups...
  8. Julie

    Deja Rose Collection

    It was on the Beaty Addict website. Here is the link :
  9. Julie

    Are these new Lustreglasses or old ones?

    I tried searching the forum for information on this so sorry if this is a repost but I was looking on Ebay and I came across this(link below). The seller has more than one color of these. Could this be a UK exclusive? dZViewItem
  10. Julie

    Anyone tryBiotherm Matte Souffle' Foundation?

    I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have tried Biotherm's Matte Souffle Foundation. I currently use Biotherm's Sense Matte but I'm running out and was hoping to find out if this is better. Thanks! :-P
  11. Julie

    Can I depot eyeshadows from Limited Edition Quads and How?

    I really want to depot from my Diana Ross Quad but I am not sure how because they seem to really be stuck in there. I don't want to ruin the quad. Any tips and suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Julie

    Favorite MAC Brushes?

    I am looking to add to my collection of MAC brushes and I was hoping someone could tell what brushes they have in their collection that they use everyday. Thanks!!!!
  13. Julie


    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering how this stuff works?
  14. Julie

    ProActiv - yay or nay?

    My skin needs some serious help and I was looking into trying either the Murad Acne Kit, Proactiv kit or any other recommendations! I have always had fairly good skin with occassional breakouts but for the past 2 weeks my skin just looks horrible. It is so dry, broken out, dull and irritated. I...
  15. Julie

    Anyone try the new Loreal True Match or Covergirl Outlast

    I have tried several high end foundations with no luck and I am on the hunt for a new one! I was hoping somebody tried these and could let me know how they work. I have dry combination skin and prefer a light to medium coverage foundation but not sheer. Thanks!
  16. Julie

    Which is better MAC Sheer Shimmer Blush or Nars?

    I currently use MAC but was wondering how the Nars blushes compare. I really want to try Orgasm but was wondering if it is shimmery? I prefer the shimmery as oposed to the matte finishes.
  17. Julie

    Thoughts on TLCs?

    I was wondering if MAC tinted lip conditioners are worth buying in either pot or stick form. I havent' tried them and was hoping someone could tell me how they work and how much color they deposit on lips? I seen some Neutrogena ones in a magazine and they look pretty so I was wondering if I...
  18. Julie

    Cargo or Nars Bronzer?

    I am looking into getting a new Bronzer and I currently use MAC Bronzer in Bronze but I'm almost out and I am interested in trying a new one. I heard good reviews on the Cargo and Nars Laguna Bronzer and was hoping someone could tell me which one is better. My skintone is an NC20. Thanks!