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    stick it through or walk away?

    Been with my boyfriend for 2 years. Before this relationship I was in a 8 year relationship with the father of my son. I left him because I got tired of the financial issues. He went from job to job and never was really stable meaning I had to pick up the slack a lot of the time. Now dont get me...
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    Intimacy issues

    Hi Guys, So I need some advice. I'm 28 and my boyfriend is 26. We have been together for 2 years as of July 23rd. I love this man to death. Have felt he's the one since I met him. I have been in other relationships. I actually came out of a 8 year relationship with the father of my son...
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    Need input on my photo shoot images

    Ladies so Ive been working with new photographers..and I wanted to share with you some of the work I got out of it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Barbie vs. Phantom

    this is my sister. I must have done this look on her like 3 yrs ago? I call this Barbie vs. Phantom. Lol. Since it was so long ago I can't even tell u the colors I used! But I'm gonna say those were NY last heatherette lashed which were my ultimate fav's I think these should be brought back...
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    It's me! Hi guys..

    My look of the day... Prep+Prime Primer refined zone Strobe cream Skinfinish foundation NC45 Ripe Peach blush ombre Mineralized skinfinish natural fix+ paint pot?? e/s ??? quarry brun zoomlash black ensign lusterglass Nude Rose DSquared2 lipstick
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    Trying to see if I can finally get the hang of this loading issue Ive had since i signed on to Specktra in ever! lmao.. This is from the Red She Said collection.I think... <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Perming Eye Lashes

    So I am sick! and when i mean sick and tired of my damn striaght lashes being a pain in my behind when i try to curl them! A while back i decided to stop wasting money on all diff brands of eye curlers. they never do anything diff, so i tried a heated eye curler. it worked for a few days and...
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    Makeup going backwards???

    So lately I've been noticing I've been going backwards to old collections...But for some reason I've been stuck on my Neo Sci-Fi collection...When it came out last summer I wasnt tooo into it, but now i find myself searching for it near and far. I've been using: Naked Space lipglass Soft &...
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    Uptown, NY counterfeit MAC and more!!!

    Ladies, Im not sure if this something new to you all or not, but last saturday I went uptown to the heights to meet up with my fiance afterwork, and he had mentioned to me that there was a guy that had a stand that sold MAC. I told him do not buy anything from him until I see if its really...
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    Foundation for the summer

    Okay ladies and Gents, Ive got 3 vacations coming up: South beach in June for relaxing with one of my BF's, Disney with my son and hubby in July, and Vegas with the girls in Sept....Anywho, I have a bunch of foundations and I'm want to have a good foundation for this summer.... Heres what i...
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    Does Zylotrim work??

    Hi Ladies, Ok so I need some advise. I ordered Zylotrim last nite and now that i decided to look more into it I think I should just return it. Im getting a funny feeling its just another waste of diet pills. I am big on working out and eating right but after having my son 4 years ago working out...
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    LIPS for NC45

    Any ladies out there that are or know of really nice red lipsticks for a NC45 kinda girl? I usually like to go with a burgandy color but i feel like im limited to red lipstick. My first red lipstick by MAC, i was so excited. I went home and showed my boyfriend and he told me i looked like the...
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    Matte Everything

    Ok so I love me sum MAC just like any other person on the face of this planet. but i feel like even though the shimmers and glitters are nice....Im a huge fan of MATTE anything. Matte lipsticks, matte e/s and even matte blushes. Are there any matte lovers out there. What are sum of your...
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    How do you use brush 227?

    I just got this brush. i have so many brushes and dups of them but this one ive been looking at and i love to use things for other then its main purpose becuz it makes me feel like im multi-tasking. how do you use your 227 or if u had it how would you use it?
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    I need a bronze..HELP!!

    Ladies and Gents. I need a bronzer. I'm not gonna say that I am only open minded to MAC bronzers but I do have a gift card with money so it would save me some dinero...but if worse comes to worse and no one can say that MAC bronzers are no good then I will hear out any other brands. I have a...
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    Broke and freezing MAC account!

    Anyone else broke and putting a freeze to MAC hauls in 2009? Im trying to save up for a house but I need to cut corners and that also means makeup.... my wallet is putting its foot down with me .. What are you sacrficing makeup for???
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    Glitter eyeliners

    Whats the big deal about them? Even though I'm not a huge fan about shimmers and glitters i rather have them on my lids,crease or highlight. I am a Matte kind of girl all the way. I just feel like glitter eyeliners make me feel like a little girl and I dont own one yet but I plan on getting one...
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    Newbie with pictures

    Ok so this is my first time posting up pictures of looks I've done. I actually did this look while my bf played his xbox. So i did my thing and he did his.... I used FACE: MUFE HD foundation 175 highlighted and contoured with studio stick spf NC35 + NW50 harmony powder blush raizin powder...