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  1. Sophia84

    Dupe for Cha Cha lipglass?

    I really need to find a dupe for Cha Cha lipglass from the permanent collection, because I already used up mine, do you have any recs?
  2. Sophia84

    Dupe of Mac Ciao, Manhattan l/g.

    Is there any dupe of Mac's Ciao Manhattan l/g??? Any brand.
  3. Sophia84

    Goldwell Curl line!!

    I'm sooo desperate! I searched everywhere to find reviews for Goldwell's Curl line but I didn't find any!!! Has anyone tried/using any of the curl line??? Especially the styling products like the Kick Curl Jelly and the Move Control Curl Putty??? I can't decide which one to get for my wavy hair...
  4. Sophia84

    What to pair with MUFE #92??

    I don't have any purple e/s ( weird I know LOL) but I really like to get MUFE's #92, but since I'm totally clueless with purples, with what lighter and darker e/s can I pair with it?? I need somce recs for shades and also how you use MUFE #92, all over the lids, on crease, on outer V, just on...
  5. Sophia84

    Orange lipstick!

    Do you have any recs for true orange l/s?? Not coral orange, just a plain orange. Especially for NC25 skintone. TIA
  6. Sophia84

    Dupes for Mac's Cassette e/s from the Heatherette Trio 2??

    I'm desperate!! I missed the Heatherette Collection last year , I thought I didin't like anything ( silly me!!!) but after I saw the deep purple e/s, Cassette, from the Heatherette Trio 2 but it was too late!! Since then I can't stop lemming it, and I need your help, are there any dupes????
  7. Sophia84

    Mac False Lashes for volume??

    I'm a newbie at false lashes, and Mac are what I easily can find here, besides Eyelure ( anyone from Europe may know these ones) but they almost have the same price with Mac. Which Mac falsies do you rec for a volume? I have lots of length but no volume. Not something too dramatic, something...
  8. Sophia84

    Lush shampoo for dry hair??

    Which Lush shampoo do you suggest for dry fine hair??? Solid or Liquid I don'r mind, as long as it leaves my hair shiny, and not drying the scalp, it's important, I'l already suffering from dry/itchy scalp.
  9. Sophia84

    Recs for medium brown and green e/s for the crease!

    I need your help guys!! I really need to find a Mac e/s in medium brown and green shades to wear on my crease. I usually avoid wearing dark e/s on my crease since my eyes are already hooded, with that looks even worst. I usually wear the dark ones on my outer V. I'm looking for a medium brown...
  10. Sophia84

    Help styling bob type hair!

    I recenty had a bob cut, it's all new to me, since I always had long hair. The back of my hair has many layers, the top are really short and the inside hair are longer, at the same length as the front. I love how my hair look when is straight, but my hair's wavy and thin and I like to leave my...
  11. Sophia84

    Mac moisturelush eye cream vs Clinique AAE Rich??

    Has anyone compared these 2 eye creams??? I only tried Clinique's AAE Rich, I have A GWP size and I really like, but I wonder if Mac's Moisturelush eye cream is more hydrating.
  12. Sophia84

    Best brush to apply Mac F&B Foundation??

    I wanna know what is the best brush you found to apply Mac's F&B fndt??? I only tried 188 the same I use with SFF, but I find it more difficult to apply the F&B with the 188 than the SFF, I don't know why but F&B dries up too quick on my face, and I need to stippling and buff more and my hand is...
  13. Sophia84

    Recs for Blushcreams as base to powder blushes.

    I need recs for a warm blushcream to wear it under my warm powder blushes, like Sunbasque,Peaches,Style to make them look more pigmented?? And I want also one to use it under my Fleurry, I don't know if I should use the same one like the others which are more warm, what do you say?? Thanks!!
  14. Sophia84

    Studio Fix Fluid-less dry and blotchy???

    I have very oily skin but still SFF looks dry on me, and gets blotchy around nose,chin and forehead, and stuck on dry patches on my cheeks. And also zero lasting powder, I'm so jealous when I read that on many girls lasts for hours!! I have it for months but I don't use it anymore, I need to...
  15. Sophia84

    Best blush brush: 136,116,109 or 129??

    I need a blush brush, for years I use Stila's #24, which is pretty much like the 116 a little flatter. I need a change with a Mac one. What do you suggest?? I think I notices that my Stila applies really great on cheekbones but not on the side of the cheeks near the hairlines, my blush gets a...
  16. Sophia84

    Birthday haulage: Mac,Lancome,Burberry!!

    Here's my birthday haulage, I hauked today even tho my birthday was 2 days ago. We had -25% sales so i had to take the chance to make my birthday haul!! So I got mainly Mac: Face & Body Foundation in C2 Bot Presed Powder in Medium Dark Eye Brows pencil in Lingering Sunbasque blush Style blush...
  17. Sophia84

    Help with Waternymph!

    I really like Waternymph and I think ti suits really good with my golden-brown eyes, but I can't make it work. I like applying it with my 219 near my lashline from inner to outer corner, like a thick line, but I have no other e/s to pair it. I need an e/s to wear on crease with Waternymph...
  18. Sophia84

    Darker and lighter e/s to pair with Time&Space?

    Can you rec me any of the perm e/s or pigments to pair with Time & Space??? Lighter and darker? Especially darker. Thanks!!
  19. Sophia84

    Holiday hauls and gifts, Stila, Korres, OPI, Chanel etc!

    These are my hauls through the December: Stuff from Stila's sale through a CP: Forest Clove trio Sugarloaf blush duo My EDM order arrived: Finishing Powder: Tinted Silk Dust Small Custom Kits: Free Sample Makeup Kit: foundation: (Beige) Beige-Light Medium Intensive concealer...
  20. Sophia84

    Recs for a shadestick!

    I need recs for a shadestick that will really help me make e/s look more pigmented/vibrant, especially the dark ones. I have problems when I apply dark e/s on my outer corner of the lids, because my eyes are deep set with dark circles and my lids also have the awful shade of my dark circles, so...