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  1. Tyra Shena

    Not really a FOTD but.....

    This was something I did 3:00 am while missing a recently visited beach in Barbados! (I also included a picture of the beach just to show where my inspiration came from) I started with s a pinky lipstick but it was too much for me so I changed to a nude ... And that wasn't enough...
  2. Tyra Shena

    My 1st FOTD!

    This is my first FOTD I kinda want to post my looks for the week lol... But I'll just post 2... This was yesterday's look... I'm not going to post any products because I don't think anyone will care lol... Seriously I don't Full face
  3. Tyra Shena

    What's my freaking problem?!

    I'm writing this with hope that someone can help me find the inner courage I some how lost along the way. Thanks for reading I've been doing make -up / makeovers for 7+ years it all started with A family members prom and after here and there wedding and other events started coming into play...
  4. Tyra Shena

    Heeeeeellllllo I'm New here!

    My name is Tyra... I came across this site by using bing to research answers to issues I've been having. With every single one I noticed this site would come up so I've been lurking 1f4401f61d1f61d1f61d and decided hey these ppl are friendly and have great advice why not?! Any-who I consider...