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  1. Krista

    Red FOTD

    I was bored so I decided to play with my FOTD. Sorry if it's annoying or too big, please let me know and I'll change it. It looks really yellow for some reason. I think it's cause the only "photo editing software" I have is Paint. hehehe
  2. Krista

    MAC makeover! - edited with new hair!!

    I won a free makeup application on World AIDS day, and here's what resulted: Don't mind the hair! I'm getting it cut hour!!! I put the lashes on myself, because I forgot to take them with me. I had to take the pics super fast that's why they're kind of off-centre She used...
  3. Krista

    Rosewood/cashew blush duo

    Anything similar to this? Obviously there's no duo anymore, but any single blushes like that?
  4. Krista

    Help! Skin bumps!

    K, here's a close up picture of my skin (eewwwww). It doesn't look nearly this bad when it's not so close up. But you get the idea. I need to get my skin nice and smooth. How do I do it??? It's driving me crazy! ew. How embarassing.
  5. Krista

    Quick FOTD

    Xposted to mac_cosmetics so sorry if you've seen it already. Sorry 'bout the robe and wet hair. I used: Gorgeous Gold Satin Taupe Gingersoft Tease N Teal Engraved powerpoint Dame blush Whirl l/l Honey Love l/s Flash of Flesh l/g
  6. Krista

    MAC lashes??

    Does anyone actually wear MAC lashes?? Every time I mention getting some, people tell me to get the d/s brands. I really love MAC lashes. I have the #7s and #4s. I just bought the #4s today and I'd really like to buy more styles as well. Just wondering if people really do prefer d/s brand...
  7. Krista

    My ministash

    I guess it's not really "mini" but it's small compared to some of yours!! I think the only thing that's missing here is my Slicked Pink lip gelee. The fluidliners are Blacktrack and Dipdown. The lipliner is Whirl, the Powerpoint is Engraved.
  8. Krista

    Current Lipstick like Viva Glam V?

    I'm trying very hard to find Viva Glam V lipstick, but I can't find it anywhere! Does anyone know of a current lipstick that is similar?
  9. Krista

    A few questions

    Regarding paints: What do you primarily use them for? I want to get Bare Canvas just to even out my skin tone and act as a base. But what else do you use them for? Shadesticks: Pretty much the same question. Are they mostly just for a base or do you use them as eyeshadow on their own? eta: I...
  10. Krista

    Lip Liner for Deliciously Rich

    I just bought this lipstick 20 minutes ago, but I didn't have a lot of time and I didn't even think of a lip liner. Which colour would you recommend for this lipstick? And btw, it looks fabulous with Slicked Pink lip gelee overtop!
  11. Krista

    Let's try this again. Another newbie EOTD!

    Today I used: Vex as a highlighter Steamy inner eyelid and crease Amber Lights outter lid and crease, and lower lash line Carbon upper lash line Maybelline cheapo mascara Suggestions? Sorry you can't see the colours very well, I tried! The Steamy is a lot more vivid IRL.
  12. Krista

    An amateur FOTD

    Please be gentle! I'm actually only posting this so you all can tell me what I'm doing wrong!! I don't have nice brushes yet, so contouring and blending are really hard for me. Please let me know what you think I should do with the shape and if you like the colour of my eyeshadow too! It's...
  13. Krista

    Portable makeup case

    I need something to take with me to school to freshen up my makeup. My purses and bags tend to be too huge to carry loose makeup. Most cases I can find are really ugly. I'd like to find something nice. Not cheesy or little-girlish. Nothing vinyl. Something cute but chic. Am I making any sense?
  14. Krista


    How do I stop my liner from smudging onto my brow bone? Does that make sense? For instance, today I am wearing Say, Yeah shadow and Fiction as a liner on the top lid, when I open my eyes, the Fiction rubs off onto my brow bone slightly. How do I stop this from happening? Thanks.
  15. Krista

    Need recs for...anything!

    I've been using MAC for about a year, and while I love the products, I'm still a swipe-on-some-eyeshadow-and-mascara kinda girl. I would love some recommendaitons for a good look for everyday wear. I'd love it if someone could tell me how to use the products I already have, as I have no budget...
  16. Krista


    I just thought I'd introduce myself! I have a lot to learn about makeup and I love MAC, so I thought this would be a good place to learn!