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  1. chucklie1

    Please can someone tell me if this is genuine MAC Pigment!?

    Hi all I really need some Pink Bronze pigment and wondered if anyone has/had bought from "essential_goodies" on Ebay and whether their products are genuine or counterfeit goods Ive attached the link to the product i wish to purchase...
  2. chucklie1

    My first posting on Specktra....

    ... and im hooked! Hi all.....what a fab forum and great inspiration all around! Here's something i did recently (im the MUA)......enjoy... What i used: face MAC Studio Tech (NC35) MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder (NC30) brow MAC e/s Black Tied eye MAC Pigment #Naked MAC e/s Goldmine...
  3. chucklie1

    Back 2 Mac Logo?

    Can this be done at any store in the UK??
  4. chucklie1

    Please Help!!

    Hi all Im new to Specktra and recently won and paid for a set of 8 MAC brushes complete with zip up case from seller i670ii whom i have read about on this forum as selling counterfeit brushes! The set came with: Brush 168 (Japan) Brush 190 (USA) Brush 150 (Japan) Brush 239 (Japan) Brush 275...