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  1. iShadow

    Clearance Bin Photo Upload Issues?

    So I've tried uploading images to my CB thread and can't add more than 10. We're not allowed to link to outside sources but I've seen other threads with more than 10 pictures, so I must be doing something wrong? I'm clicking the "Insert Image" icon, selecting a pic (it only lets me choose one...
  2. iShadow

    Getting rid of my MAC kit. Bunch of regular + LE stuff, everything must go!!

    ... if it is still active, I'd love Gold Go Lightly!
  3. iShadow

    So I have 632 Unread DMs Dating Back to 2009...

    Ah! The ads hide the bar that allows you to "select all" then "mark conversations as read."
  4. iShadow

    So I have 632 Unread DMs Dating Back to 2009...

    All of which I responded to. Is there a way to mark them as "read" without going through all 65 pages of them? I did do a few searches on the topic, but couldn't come up with anything. This is what I'm seeing: Suggestions?
  5. iShadow

    Eagan, MN CCO (Twin Cities Premium Outlets)

    Not sure how long it's been open, but I figured it's been long enough. :) I was there today, the staff was actually really great. Fun and happy, they weren't on my heels the whole time. This was my second trip there, and they had SO much more stock! They had about 7 Tom Ford items. 3 shades...
  6. iShadow

    happy in the club with a bottle of red wine~

    tuesday night i rocked my rear off at the lady gaga concert. people... if you have the opportunity, GO! i've never been one to use the whole "best whatever of my life" saying thing, but honestly, it was one of the best nights of my life. sososoooooo much fun! cc always welcome! eyes: mac...
  7. iShadow

    it's been a while~

    i got most of my hair chopped off yesterday, it was liberating! one of the instructors asked for a volunteer and i blindly raised my hand, and then he asked if he could cut all my hair off for a demo... and i impulsively agreed. i haven't had my hair this short since i was like.. 6 or 7. i love...
  8. iShadow

    my heart is bleedin, paper cuts from readin~

    i'm still undecided on that song. idk, a guy singing about a diary just isn't 100% culturally acceptable woahHELLO just ignore her, she's not well face: nars sm in ceylan mac the perfect cheek eyes: ud graffiti as base mac lucky green, shimmermoss, femme fi, blanc type fyr njordr...
  9. iShadow

    Implement Dilemma!

    Hi friends. :> I've recently enrolled at the Aveda Institute of Mpls for cosmetology, and I love it! I've decided to try my hand at makeup artistry and I applied to Aveda because I knew nothing about hair and I wanted to make myself more marketable to photographers/clients/etc. And so hair is...
  10. iShadow

    uuuuuuuuuuh vampy in the middle of june.. ?

    eyes: moss scape pp aveda sweet grass trio (lovelovelove) aveda black tulip trio to highlight and line lips: aveda mango juice lip glaze cheeks: nars luster + amour (lovelovelove again!!!) ummmmmmm i've been obsessed with vampy lips lately, and finally ended up buying night violet mattene and...
  11. iShadow

    man i gotta get out of this town~

    not really. i love mpls. and goodness i love green. well this is highly unattractive excuse the giant red splotches by my nose, they're from sunglasses! cheeks: mac prism eyes: nars zardoz fyr boytoy in crease mac emerald green pigment on outer 2/3 of lid fyr polar bear blended onto...
  12. iShadow

    Youtube Debeut!

    Hey guys! I finally put together (what I think is!) a decent tutorial. Just a summery smokey look. YouTube - Summery Smokey Eye pt. 1
  13. iShadow

    I hate to break it to you babe, but I’m not drowning~

    so i've thoroughly talked with my room-roommate and i kind of believe that she didn't do it. she's still annoying, but i don't think she used my crap. it sounds like my other roommate is the culprit, but the beeotch hasn't been home while i've been awake, so i haven't had a chance to confront...
  14. iShadow


    i don't know why i'm so scared of color, but i am! ALSO my hair doesn't respond to teasing, which sucks. not even my teachers can make it listen to them BUT I CAN NOW DO A WICKED CHIGNON eyes: mac teal pigment fyr polar bear humid and other crap
  15. iShadow

    holla if you feel that you've been down the same road~

    this is kind of a dump, i started cosmo school on wednesday and have been crazy busy since so i'm way behind on fotds!! i hope you guys are doing well~ (laughing while explaining fotds to my roommate) cheeks: mac prism & eversun eyes: UD liners in eldorado and rockstar mac mauvement pig...
  16. iShadow

    a couple fotds~

    face: lancome la base pro lancome effacernes in porcelaine I mac eversun mac hipness nars albatross mac emote eyes: tfsi/painterly jest coquette patina vanilla femme fi nars galapagos clinique cream liner in egyptian lips: stila lip shine in louise omg moving was so stressful, i hate it! i...
  17. iShadow

    you wear designer shades just to hide your face~

    yesterday i was moderately devastated when i played around with nars nomad as a base. it was way too sheer and looked kind of funky underneath shadows. today i pulled it out again (i got it during the sale) and was going to give it one more chance before i sent it back. well... it's...
  18. iShadow

    the "somewhat disasterous night" fotd~

    because i was being slightly moronic and going way too fast, ii dropped 2 of my palettes today while trying to clean up tonight. most of bronze is gone and guacamole cracked and blah. it sucked. but the party definitely improved my mood! i hope you guys are having a good night too! face...
  19. iShadow

    evacuate the dance floor~~

    YouTube - Cascada - Evacuate the dancefloor (song) omg i NEVER use so few products (i overcomplicate mu way too much), i was in such a ridiculous rush that this is all i had time for. cc always welcome! eyes: lancome effacernes in porcelaine I tfsi femme fi all over lid vanilla to...
  20. iShadow

    the "hey my name matches my fotd watermarks!" fotd

    face: lancome la base pro lancome effacernes in porcelaine I mac emote mac prism blush eyes: tfsi nars zardoz as base all over lid mac subtle pigment all over lid reddy color from a loreal hip duo along inner half of lower lashline dark brown from ancient hard candy palette in crease off white...