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  1. Chelsea

    Maybelline Lash/Line Stylist

    Wow... this stuff is really nice. I just tried it on bare lashes just ouit of the shower... uncurled. I've never tried ma mascara that curls my lashes... but wow this does. It made em really long too! A little difficult to work with but not as much as a typical comb mascara. Its gorgeous!! and...
  2. Chelsea

    My place..

    i should make the bed b4 i take pics lol
  3. Chelsea

    Photoshoot pics from a while ago

  4. Chelsea

    MUA possibly to be sold to conde nast

    MUA to be acquired by Conde Nast? ROP... ( ) Memo Pad: Everything Must Go ... Design Worth A Detour ... French Ties EVERYTHING MUST GO: The curious new phrase circulating among executives at Condé Nast Publications' 4 Times Square headquarters? "We're out of inventory." As much as that might...
  5. Chelsea

    EOTD pics

  6. Chelsea

    would you think it was weird if..

    you only met your best friend's boyfriend 1x and they've been seeing each other over 2 months and you live in the same house? and hes ehre all the time
  7. Chelsea

    Gilette Fusion...

    I got this 5 bladed razor tonight
  8. Chelsea

    Buying habits?

    I don't mean spending habits.. I mean what makes you buy an item? For me it is #1 smell #2 package #3 color
  9. Chelsea

    Canadians - post office questions

    do they still do oversized letter for packages under 2cm? i cant find it on the website
  10. Chelsea

    Lots of new UD!! yay
  11. Chelsea

    Clairol Shine Happy

    I wants it
  12. Chelsea

    My First Magazine Cover!!
  13. Chelsea


  14. Chelsea

    Vagabond Magazine Photoshoot

  15. Chelsea

    How sparkly are the new lipgelee?

  16. Chelsea

    Mac ad?? Anyone seen it??

    It's run in the back of magazines and it's a girl who has round mirrors on her face and sparkly liphloss on... sometimes in high end mags like V and Blackbook
  17. Chelsea

    Smokey big lashes fotd

  18. Chelsea


    gorgeous gold, tease n teal, that grape one
  19. Chelsea

    I Am So Annoyed

    I had a couple mac interviews a month and a bit ago.. well today I saw a girl at the counter who was in my group interview. She hardly talked at all in the group interview and she had NO makeup experience and NO sales experience and horrible makeup! Well there she was working at mac. And they...
  20. Chelsea

    forget glitz glosses! i found the secret to ruby slipper lips r/o

    forgive my hasty application.. it's lise watier grenadine gloss gourmand. I cant even begin to describe how amazing this is. I've been searching for a red like this for years. It's a gloss too..w/ brush applicator. It's SO mettalic and shiny.. the pics dont even do it justice.