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  1. BlahWah

    P&P Beauty Balm?

    Has anyone heard of this? I haven't followed collections as much but I've never heard of this item at all, not even as part of an upcoming collection...
  2. BlahWah

    Foundations in Asia

    I remember reading that the Studio Fix powder released in Asia was more yellow than that released in other locations. I'm wondering if this is in all foundations? I'm particularly wondering about the new Mineralize Foundation SPF15. No matter what I match to here in North America (NC25 or...
  3. BlahWah

    Cake n olonger @ Sephora?

    I can't seem to find any info on Cake's disappearance from Sephora. When did this happen? I thought things were going well, what with the Cake Beauty and Barbie collaboration. ??
  4. BlahWah

    fake fafi lot!!!

    I thought that maybe the MES and lip/cheek tint were fakes or new upcoming items (haven't been keeping up with the threads lately) but the lippies definitely look off (no sparkles or duotone!) and the Heatherette lippies don't look like Fleshpot or Holloywood nights. Man, they almost got me, I...
  5. BlahWah

    Pictureless FOTD: 7/6/08

    Wohoo, the first pictureless of July! lol... Went for a casual low-key beachy look today. FACE Studio Select in NC30 MSF Natural in Medium EYES Orpheus k/p, winged out a smidge Maybelline Define-a-Lash in black Cashflow p/p Summer Neutral e/s Warmed MSF Magic Dust e/s CHEEKS Warmed MSF LIPS...
  6. BlahWah

    MAC P&P Refined Zone treatment?

    I was searching primers when this listing popped up. I don't recall this ever coming up in conversations/threads. Did this come out with trial packs? Is it just the original name of P&P? They wouldnt' come out with mini-fakes, right? Go big or go home!
  7. BlahWah

    Pictureless FOTD: 06/23/08

    Wow, long time no pictureless - for anyone, it seems! Well, for what it's worth I'll post mine. It didn't turn out the way I wanted but I still really liked it. I'd take a pic but my hair is super-gross, lol. All MAC unless stated otherwise FACE P&P spf 50 Studio Select NC30 Mineralized...
  8. BlahWah

    Sephora opening at Rideau (Ottawa)!

    Is anyone going? I'm not (I'm 6 hours away in Toronto!) but I'd love to know how it is. It'd be so exciting to go to one! And there are goodies to collect, which I'd love to participate in. *jealous* *mods, wasn't sure if this should go in Chatter, but since it's kinda about makeup... But...
  9. BlahWah

    Chartreuse or True Chartreuse?

    I found 1 swatch picture which showed the difference between the two, but for the most part I could only figure out that one has shimmer and the other is matte. For those of you who have both, or chose one over the other, what's the difference between them, and why do you love them/it (i.e...
  10. BlahWah

    MAC cream shadows my butt!

    MAC doesn't make cream shadows in palette forms! Argh!! I've reported the four of them all from the same seller.
  11. BlahWah

    Pictureless FOTD: 03/27/08

    I just had to post b/c I loved how glowy this looked. I don't think my cam will pick it up tho, hence the pictureless posting. Here we go! FACE P&P spf Studio Select spf NC30 mixed with Strobe liquid Studio Finish NC30 Pro-preferred White NC25 EYES Lithograph f/l Maybelline Volum'Express...
  12. BlahWah

    HBC MAC contest and tutorial!!

    Great news for Canadians with HBC Rewards cards! The Bay is holding a MAC contest for $250 worth of goodies! There's also a great quick tutorial by Gordon Espinet for everyone and anyone to view, done exclusively for The Bay's magazine (?), Belle. I'm reeeaaally hoping to win, but if not, it...
  13. BlahWah

    Telway p/m? Golden Merlot l/g? Nude Skin l/g

    Apparently Telway is HTF - I'm thinking b/c it never existed! But I'd rather check here before I call the seller out. I've searched here and MUA and cant' find a thing about it, or the two lipglosses, Golden Merlot and Nude Skin. Any ideas as to what they could be? They both look...
  14. BlahWah

    Faking e/s duos

    This is the first I've seen of this kind of fake products... already reported them! The seller also has 2 other shadows up, also fake (w/ the little applicator) - White and Charcoal. Not sure about the Chanel items since I dont' buy from Chanel, but please do check it out and report if they...
  15. BlahWah

    Rollickin' my Vice (lotsa pics)

    I have a love-hate relationship with my camera. It's better than our previous one but it still washes out my colour, especially my blush. Ah well, like it matters anyway cuz I'm so not photogenic (these are the best of 100+ shots!), but I had fun doing this look and so I thought I'd post...
  16. BlahWah

    Fafi without Fafi =P (pic heavy)

    Sorry for the messy hair, it definitely wasn't behaving today, even in a ponytail! This fotd is to talk me out of Fafi Eyes 2 b/c I only have $80 and really want me some paint pots and Hipness blush. Golder's Green is on the heavy side of application (forgot how pigmented pigments are!) but...
  17. BlahWah

    Erno Laszlo acne treatment

    I was wondering what other people's experience has been using this? I think the full name is Beta Complex Acne Treatment. It's not in their current line but I think it's the former version of the Total Blemish Treatment. Does it work? I'm able to get it at a really good price but if it...
  18. BlahWah

    Hey Torontonians - MAC Fafi @ Yorkdale!

    Just received the email invite today for the pre-release party happening on Sun. Feb. 10 5-7 p.m. Anyone else get it? I've got a paper due Friday and a midterm Tues. so I'm not sure if I'm going yet, tho I reeeaaally wanna check everything out before my makeover! If things are looking good...
  19. BlahWah

    Santa Fe e/s?

    I came across this in one of my searches and the seller said that it's a discontinued shadow. I can't seem to find it on MUA and the Specktra search only allows me to search for "santa" b/c "fe" is too short (!). Mac Santa fe eyeshadow - eBay (item 260203059733 end time Jan-18-08 17:48:02 PST)...
  20. BlahWah

    I'm beginning to feel a lot more Christmass-y!

    This was done at the beginning of the month but due to finals I never had the chance to post. This is my second try at this look but with different shadows and for some reason the middle looks unblended. I'll try it again another time. All with flash except for the last two. Loving the...