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  1. tricky

    Chartreuse eyes and pale lips

    First FOTD in a looooooong time... All MAC unless otherwise noted Face Studio Fix NC20 Lightscapade MSF Brows Smashbox Auburn Eyes Lemon Chiffon S/S Chartreuse pigment Eyepopping e/s Loreal HIP Showy duo e/s Some random dark green custom mixed pigment Colour Matters Techakohl Plush Lash...
  2. tricky

    Thinking about doing freelance makeup artisty. Lots o' questions!

    I was hardcore into makeup for a long, long time. I sort of stopped being so into it for a while. I still really love it, but at some point it became, like, overload for me! Buying too much stuff, not having time to do my own makeup, etc. A couple nights ago I was talking to my date and we were...
  3. tricky

    A WEIRD situation... ADULT

    So. My ex and I decided that we wanted to have sex in front of a stranger (we decided to do this while we were still together). We placed an ad on CL looking for a guy to watch us. A bunch of guys responded and we never followed up. Months later, we broke up and decided we needed to do this...
  4. tricky

    What kind of makeup for a Dominatrix Halloween costume?

    I'm thinking Blacktrack liner, some Vanilla pig on the lid and some red lipstick. Any other ideas? My outfit is red and black.
  5. tricky

    Please tell me what you think

  6. tricky

    How do you know when you are in love?

    I fell in love once, seven years ago but it was with someone I met over the internet and was long distance with (I hadn't even met him in person yet). So I'm not sure what it feels like to fall in love with someone you see on a consistant basis. What does it feel like to you?
  7. tricky

    Skin on face rubbed raw

    The skin around my mouth is rubbed raw from making out with a guy who had stubble on his face. What can I do to get it to heal quickly?? I've been putting Neosporin on it but that's it. I really hope it gets better ASAP & doesn't leave a scar or something. Could it leave a scar?
  8. tricky

    What is the meaning of dating? Do I want to "date"?

    This is an email I just sent to a friend. I want to post it here to ask you all your opinions on dating and what I want. I've been thinking about the whole dating thing. I've come to the conclusion that I also am not looking for dating in the American sense right now. Right now I want to "date"...
  9. tricky

    I keep getting urinary tract infections

    I've gotten 3 in the past 3 months! What more can I do other than pee immediately after sex, and wash my hands & "areas" and make sure he does the same before sex? I got one 2 weeks ago, took a round of Cipro, then I got another one last week, took more Cipro, and finished that round today...
  10. tricky

    What kind of underwear to wear with a white/ grey tee shirt dress??

    I bought this cute white and grey striped tee shirt dress from American Apparel. The material is just like a normal tee shirt material. I don't know what kind of underwear to wear with it. I bought some nude colored "hipster" underwear and tried them on and they were giving me VPL (visible panty...
  11. tricky

    I met a nice guy online, but there's one problem...

    I am not attracted to him. We have been chatting online a lot this past week. We have quite a few similar interests and he is very nice, cool, fun, sweet, etc. He sent me a picture, and I thought he looked cute in the picture. We finally met up, and I realized that I wasn't physically attraced...
  12. tricky

    Feeling very lonely right now

    After finally officially cutting my ex-boyfriend (we were together 7 yrs, since we were 20) out of my life a month ago, and more or less feeling like I'm getting the cold shoulder from my FWB, I'm feeling rather sad & alone right now. Someone tell me that it will all be ok. How do you deal...
  13. tricky

    First time sleeping with someone new

    When you sleep with a new person for the first time, how do you deal with the whole STD thing? I mean obviously you use a condom, but what about herpes and all the other types of STD's there are that you can get even if you use a condom? How do you address that? Do you straight out ask them to...
  14. tricky

    Emotionally drained

    I feel like shit right now. So I must vent. In Sept. I moved from L.A. to NJ (and I work in NY) after breaking up with my BF of 7 yrs. I am originally from the east coast. I lived in L.A. for 5 years. When I broke up with him he was acting like he didn't want anything to do with me anymore and...
  15. tricky

    Weird question... but buying pigments with the intention of selling samples?

    Is this a weird thing to do? It seems like a somewhat easy way to make a little extra money. I guess it is quite popular to do this, I wonder why more people don't do it? Maybe it's just the hassle of having to invest time & money into it?
  16. tricky

    New UD De-Slick Mattifying Powder?

    Has anyone tested or bought this? I'm kind of curious about it as my skin gets pretty damn oily in the summertime... De-Slick Mattifying Powder - Pressed Powder -
  17. tricky

    3 different FOTD's for your viewing pleasure.

    I'm gonna warn you and say that I don't 100% remember what I used on these, but I'm trying to remember to the best of my ability. All MAC unless otherwise noted. #1- Blue/ purple smokey look FACE: SFF NC15 Alpha Girl BP and Vanilla pigment on cheeks EYES: UDPP Beige-ing shadestick Vanilla...
  18. tricky

    has my anti-depressant stopped working??

    Last May I started taking Wellbutrin (actually Bupropion SR, the generic Wellbutrin). It helped me a lot, I was still depressed though because I was going through some pretty significant life changes (ending a 7 yr relationship, moving across the country). After a while I did feel pretty good...
  19. tricky

    Gals living alone- what to you like to cook for yourself?

    I need some tips, I usually end up eating frozen meals, mac & cheese, rice & beans, or some other junk. I cook about once a week and it usually lasts me 2 days depending on what it is. Last time I cooked I baked some frozen salmon I got at TJ's and had salad with it. The week before that I made...
  20. tricky

    Search function and gallery not working for me?

    Are these not working at all or are they just not working for me? I tried doing a search for "gallery" and got no results, and then tried searching "MAC" to see if the search function is really not working, and it is not working. Also when I go to the gallery, there is NOTHING there, nowhere...