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  1. RRRose

    My First EOTD

    Nice colors...What colors did you use?
  2. RRRose

    FOTD 6/09/05

    Face: NC35 Pinkerpeach Eyes: Fiction Lazy Green Meadowland Velvet Moss Surreal Swimming Carbon Mystery Shroom Lips: Love Nectar l/g
  3. RRRose

    FOTD 6/08/05 - Purple

    I don't really like posting FOTD because my face always looks the same (colorwise), but here it goes... Face: NC35 StudioFix Pinkerpeach/Trustfund Blush Eyes: Au Contraire - Middle Carbon - Liner Crystal - Browbone Idol Eyes - Inner corner Parfait Amour - Middle Sketch - Outer third and...
  4. RRRose

    People in Las Vegas

    I'm going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday at the end of this month, and I'd muuuuuuch rather spend money on makeup than to lose it in gambling. Sooooo, I need good places that sell makeup. Any type of make up, any price, and where exactly it's at (if it's in a casino, by a casino, etc). I've...
  5. RRRose

    EOTD - 6/4/05

    I'm going to a luau in a couple of minutes, and since I don't have flowery type clothes, I decided to make my eyes bright... I used Angelcake, Sushi Flower, Freshwater, Aquadisiac, Surreal, Red Violet, Violet pigment. I think that's all I used...I just kept adding colors.
  6. RRRose

    FOTD 6/01/05

    I've posted a couple of EOTD before, but I've never posted a FOTD, so here goes my first one... Face: NC35 Studiofix Pinkerpeach/Trustfund Eyes: Angelcake Mystery Carbon Blackbrown Mascara (Covergirl) Lips: Blistex Chapstick (It makes everything blend nicely and makes the l/g feel less...
  7. RRRose

    Which one?

    Whice one would you buy? Intoxicate or Sketch? Or if you have one or both, do you like it or which one do you like better? If anyone could help me, that'd be great! I would go to a counter to see them but the last couple of time I've gone, they're so rude! I don't want to go anywhere near...
  8. RRRose

    Hair Diffuser

    I've always wanted to buy one, but I'm not sure which one is good. Anyone have one that they love and would recommend? Thanks!
  9. RRRose

    EOTD - 5/17/05

    The color green is soooooo in right now! I'm loving it =D
  10. RRRose

    Dry Lids?

    I've noticed lately that there is a small dry patch on each of my lids. They're in the same spot on both sides...It's in the inner third of my eye lids. Has this ever happened to anyone? I've never had that's weird :|
  11. RRRose

    EOTD - 5/12/05

    I've never posted one before, so here it goes.... I LOVE D'Bohemia e/s! =D