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  1. Junkie

    Anyone else wish Specktra had a chatroom?

    Sometimes the board can be really slow and I feel kinda left out or alone when I'm posting - waiting for a reply. And sometimes the places people are posting in aren't necessarily regular, everyday general chatter. I searched for a chatroom suggestion and the last mention of one was from...
  2. Junkie

    That time of year again! EL/MAC Warehouse Sale Haul :)

    So this time around wasn't that difficult getting tickets for Friday. I arranged a meet-up with a woman from Richmond Hill to buy 4 from her for $100....not bad....but meh. Anyways - I invited a co-worker (who promptly bailed on me last minute ugh), met up with Gemmel06 and my friend, Sonia, who...
  3. Junkie

    Anybody out there have PCOS?

    I recently found out that I probably have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I don't know how long I've possibly had it....but my family doctor seems to think I've shown symptoms basically since I hit puberty (weight gain, extremely bad acne, some facial or body hair, etc). My cycles were pretty...
  4. Junkie

    June 2010 MAC Warehouse Sale Haul! (cell photos, low res)

    Another warehouse sale haul! This time around I went on a Friday again - mainly for a huge CP on another members request I hauled a tiny bit for myself, but nothing too fancy. Most of the stuff is pigments and face products like blushes and MSF's - a few other things. I went at the same...
  5. Junkie

    Pricing rec's for a few MAC items...lil' help plz :)

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to know what people would suggest as prices for a few MAC items... Subtle pigment (BNWOB) All Girl pigment (about 75-80% left) Coco Beach pigment (about 75-80% left) Stereo Rose MSF (dome still intact - slight flattening, 70-75% left) TIA!
  6. Junkie

    Toronto MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale March '10

    Only one photo...with the breakdown afterwards. Any questions about prices welcome....same with what else was there Had to cut the photo in half so it would fit lol. Breakdown: Face & Body Foundation in C2 & C4 (they sold out of C3 within 10 mins of opening!!!!) Fix+ Rose [full...
  7. Junkie

    New thread not approved?

    I wasn't sure where to post a thread lastnight because I wasn't sure which category it fell under. However, I made an informed decision to post it in the Asked & Answered thread - based on 2 MAC products (MSF's & Pigments) and it said it had to be approved by a moderator before it could be...
  8. Junkie

    Copperbeam Jar half empty!?

    Hi guys~ I just wanted to know if anyone else with this colour has noticed that it might settle funny? I bought this jar and it came in the mail today and it appears half empty. I tried shaking it up to see if it was a settling problem (like some tend to do) and its still only slightly over...
  9. Junkie


    I see so many creative make-up photos with people creating looks that were either "stenciled" on by hand or with airbrushing - no idea how. Either way, where do you people get the stencils or outlines or media in general to achieve these looks? I know the colour gradients (if any) are all...
  10. Junkie

    My well-rounded Collection + Organization :) [[Pic heavy]]

    Well....this is my collection. I've been into make-up for as long as I can remember (namely, raiding my mother's purse when I was 6 for a $2 palette at the mall - lol). I started collecting not that long ago - the first MAC product I bought was when I was 18 or 19 and it was an eyeshadow - Trax...
  11. Junkie

    Toronto IMATS Haul - Nov 2009!!! [[Pic Heavy]]

  12. Junkie

    Trying to lose 80 lbs in 18 months!

    Well, there's not a lot to say that isn't different from what other people have posted....its really all the same isn't it? Well anyways, here's mine: I've always been bigger - ever since I could remember. I've steadily gained weight over the years. I was 110 at age 11 - which is quite big -...
  13. Junkie

    Crazy MAC haul that took 3 hours to accomplish!

    Ok, so I decided last minute that I actually DID want all of the mineralized eyeshadows from the Style Black Collection - only....its WEEKS since it came out and knowing of its popularity - finding said products was going to be hard to say the least. I went to 4....yes 4....MAC places to find...
  14. Junkie

    Twi-hard + lipgloss junkie?! +pix

    Are you one of those crazy Twi-hards? Du-WOP released a collection of lipglosses, lipsticks, coloured mascaras, and travelling palettes based on each main female character (one blush, 3 eyeshadows, 2 glosses + mini brushes) - ie. one for Bella, Rosalie, Alice & Victoria. I only swatched the...
  15. Junkie

    Hello from Toronto, ON Canada :)

    Hi, my name is Tiffany.... I've pretty much been lurking for awhile. I heard about the site awhile back but never really thought of joining until recently. My interest was piqued after hearing a few of my fave YouTube Make Up Gurus talk about Specktra....and since I love MAC and forum sites, I...