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  1. Perple1

    Dupe for Mulch e/s?!?

    Hey ladies ~ I am looking for a dupe for Mulch - drugstore is fine. In fact, does the L'oreal HiP line have a dupe? I have checked what others consider to be a dupe in the Milani line and it looks to be more of a Twinks-type color. -- nothing against Twinks, already have it... Please help! TIA
  2. Perple1

    What's a Good MSF Rec for a C6 Gal like Me?!?!

    Although I have been collecting MAC for years, I have never *ducks to avoid the stones* purchased an MSF. I just always thought they'd make me look like i was sweating or as if I were trying to imitate a Grammy statue...ugh.. I'm a true C6 SF wearer and would love to add some "glow" to my look...
  3. Perple1

    Hello Fellow Beauties! I'm a Newbie!

    Hiya Ladies ~ I've been lurking in the shadows for a few weeks now. I have enjoyed all of the talented & beautiful FOTDs! I am a therapist working with young ladies with eating disorders. I also pick up bartending shifts to stay young & active...but MOSTLY to wear DRAMATIC EYE MAKEUP! I...