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  1. MzBrownBeauty

    What is your favourite nude lipstick?

    I finally got around to posting Fresh Brew. I swatched it four times to build the color.
  2. MzBrownBeauty

    MAC Select Program

    You know I thought the same thing...I'll swatch Amorous when I get home. Something makes me think that Amorous might be a smidge darker... Here's a swatch of Amorous: What do you ladies or gents think? Although, Amorous is a satin
  3. MzBrownBeauty


    Thanks a bunch to *Dolly* for posting this on specktra's Instagram...not sure if this was already posted here.
  4. MzBrownBeauty

    What products do you feel are overrated?

    Hello Everyone! I was thinking about how certain products seem to get a lot of hype and develop a cult like following but sometimes these same products don't work for you or you don't like them. The two products for me that come to mine are : 1. The original NAKED palette. I can...