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  1. Beauty Marked!

    MAC - Flashtronic - August 2007

    Apologies for the lack of skills, but here are just a couple of swatches to get this party started! Lovestone looks much the same in the real (to me) as in the promo images.
  2. Beauty Marked!

    Quad Du Jour!

    I am currently in love with a home made Quad of MAC Shadows that I am really digging at the moment. I am NC 45-47 for reference (althought I don't ever wear MAC Foundations. *razz*) Smut Trax Beauty Marked Mulch I get the most classy, polished, but still elegantly edgy eye. All followed up...
  3. Beauty Marked!

    Parrot eyeshadow has laid an egg!

    I just swiped a sample MAC eyeshadow called Blue Abisinthe, from the Ornamentalism collection and it is pretty darn close to Parrot!!! YAY! So close, in fact, I can't tell which swipe is which now. This is so exciting. Please superimpose your own overly excited smilie, 'cause I can't figure...
  4. Beauty Marked!

    What pressed eyeshadow would be equivalent to Melon Pigment?

    Being the MACaphiles that you all are, I am sure someone will have a suggestion or two for me. I adore the colour of Melon pigment, but would love to source a more user friendly pret -a- porter option. Preferably a MAC shadow, but nothing springs to mind for me. What do you think would...
  5. Beauty Marked!

    I feel like such a loser.

    Why is it that I can't get either of the Diana Ross Quads to work for me? ops: I am midway between a CCC and a DDD. No matter what I do, I end up reaching for my other MAC e/s to tart up the colours from the Quads. Definitely not what I had hoped. Please hip me to any suggestions you may...