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  1. doniad101

    College Roomate

    Hey everyone, I think this is the right place to put this but if not, I apologize! Okay I have a slight dilemma and would like to know what you guys think I should do. So I'm in college and this I'm living with my 3rd roomate. My first roomie I only had for 2 weeks, so I really didnt know her...
  2. doniad101

    WOC-Heatherette Overview

    Hey Girlies! I had a chance this morning to go over to my MAC store and check out the <33Heatherette<33 Collection...and all I have to say is...GO AND GET IT GIRLS! First and foremost, as before, I want to do my little overview for it. I checked out every product but the nail polishes. Keep...
  3. doniad101

    Any recs for a moisturizing Facial Cleanser?

    Hey there girlies! Just wondering if ya'll could help me out a bit. Anyone have recs for a moisturizing facial cleanser for acne prone skin? I use the oil cleansing method at night, but for the morning, I have no idea what to use, lol. Thanks for any suggestions!!! p.s. mods: if i put this...
  4. doniad101

    Those w/ Relaxed and Color Treated Hair

    Hey ladies, Just wondering what those w/ Relaxed and Color Treated Hair use as Shampoo and Conditioners etc. or any other tips to keep your hair healthy, shiny etc. Thanks :confused:Oh and sorry mods but I thought i'd get a quicker answer to what I wanted if I posted here, since...
  5. doniad101

    Bronzer Advice for Woman of Color

    See i'm nw45 and have a hard time finding a bronzer that has no shimmer or verryyy minimal shimmer in it (even the MAC one is too much shimmer for me) and actually warms/boosts/enhances my complexion. Any recs? I'm totally lost. lol. most bronzers I've tried dont do this. I mean I like the idea...
  6. doniad101

    Makeup Brushes?? (Which Hair Type?)

    How do I tell which brush hairs are right for me/softest? I didnt really pay attention to the brush hair type, but now I am and I'm tired of scratchy brushes I was checking different hairs for brushes, and I came across: Badger, Sable, Squirrel, Synthetic, goat and human hair?..right. Well...
  7. doniad101

    MAC Chestnut LipLiner >

    Do I pair this with something? Would it look weird with a clear lipgloss? I'm not too familiar with lipliners so any help/suggestions/tutorials on it would truly be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. doniad101

    NW40-55/NC40-55, What are your Fav Bronzers?

  9. doniad101

    NW45-47's: What color are you in Make Up For Ever?

    I was wondering which color of concealer I should swap for for my NW45 skin tone: Fawn 14, Caramel 16, or Chocolate 18? Thanks for all of your help!
  10. doniad101

    Any NW45's use Becca? >>

    If so, what shade are you? I'm having trouble figuring out what shade I am in Becca concealer. TIA for any suggestions! Oh and I cant try Becca any where near me. lol.
  11. doniad101

    Any NW45's or close like NARS Laguna Bronzer?

    If you have any complaints about it, that'll be even better or if you think Casino would work better. TIA!
  12. doniad101

    Fav Contouring Color/Product? NW45's or anything close?

    TIA! I'd really like any an all suggestions!
  13. doniad101

    Any NW45's or close Try & Like NARS Mata Hari?

    If I've posted this in the wrong place I apologize now, but I've looked at the reviews and didnt see one on this and I've tried makeupalley, but noone of a darker complexion wrote a review. Thanks so much for any opinions!!!
  14. doniad101

    NW45's and Anything Close, Need Blush and Gloss Recs for Dark Smokey Eye! :)

    Okay, Well, I have to do two of my cousins makeup. Their around NW45-NW55(somewhere between there). Well, they both want a nice sleek, dark smokey eye. I will probably do a black smokey eye on one and a deep brown or violet smokey eye on the other. The only problem is that I dont know which...
  15. doniad101

    Danse MSF's?

    Any NW45's or any close color... try Glissade or Lightscape? Thinking about ordering it, but dont know how they would look on my NW45 skin. Any suggestions are highly appreciated Thanks so much!
  16. doniad101

    Guerlain Meteorites???? (NW45)

    Which one should I get? TIA!!!!
  17. doniad101

    NW40/43/45/47/50/55 or NC 45/50/55's What are your favorite Cargo Blushes?

    I'd really like to know! Thank you so much! (oh and sorry if I'm getting on anyone's nerves asking all of these questions)
  18. doniad101

    NW45's: Fav everyday eye colors? TIA!

    Oh and if you dont mind...whats your HG everyday makeup(blush, foundation(& shade if not using MAC), mascara etc) TIA! I just want to punch up my regular makeup routine w/ some ideas.
  19. doniad101

    Fav MAC lipsticks(NW45 w/ brownish/mauve pigmented lips)-(see pics...LOL) TIA!

    I need any and all recs for MAC lipsticks please ) I'd love anything matte...but will also go for shimmery lipsticks ) Thanks!!!