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  1. Skin*Deep

    has anyone depotted lancome color design?

    will it fit in my MAC palette if I wrestle it out? I didnt know where to put this ? so I put it here in hopes someone can recommend whether or not I should do it!! It appears to be the same size, but I'm concerned about the depth.
  2. Skin*Deep

    morange lipstick.....huh?

    Hey.....I just bought Morange lipstick....and now I can't remember why. haha. I did something to my eyes, and I thought, "wow I wish I had an orange for my lips" so next time I went to MAC, I grabbed it even though at the time I couldn't remember why I wanted it.....and I still can't remember. I...
  3. Skin*Deep

    ladies! help with grey jacket!

    can I wear a well fitting charcoal grey jacket with black pants? would you believe I have NEVER bought a jacket/pant together? I hate when blacks don't match exactly.....I was going to do a white sleveless sweater under it. any thoughts? pink shirt under it? totally wrong all together? I can't...
  4. Skin*Deep

    purple and....WHAT?!

    hey ladies, what are your favorite combos with purple?! I want to do a BAM!purple look but I want to do something different, unfortunately I'm stuck in the same old same old. I love purple and phloof, and of course purple and black, or purple and yellow....but what other colors do you think work...
  5. Skin*Deep

    I think my eyes are crooked!!

    hahah, sounds funny, but it's true! no matter how hard I try my makeup always end up higher on my right eye, if I bring the left up to match, then it ends up nearly touching my eyebrow while the other eye is still far from it. I have never had a problem doing makeup on other people (at least I...
  6. Skin*Deep

    where the HECK is my magic wand?! cellulite be gone!

    helllllooo like most gals I have cellulite issues, mainly on the back of my thighs.....I eat right, I work out like crazy, I'm very active. after my second child I had a tummy tuck, some liposuction, stayed active...blah blah blah. Of course nothing seems to get my legs smooth...
  7. Skin*Deep

    herrrrre we go

    I don't usually take pictures of my makeup, as I'm usually runnin late, but I went through my computer and found a few recent ones. figured I've been here over two months now I should try to earn my street cred. all: Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, Clarins liquid bronze, chanel cream concealer...
  8. Skin*Deep

    I kissed the UPS guy

    I did. Almost knocked him off the porch...I had been stalking my driveway all day! But...he's pretty much used to me! Sooo my HK stuff came today, I played it really safe and got my good ol standby pinks, the packaging is better than I thought it would be and I'm really happy with my choices...
  9. Skin*Deep

    helllooooo from Oregon!

    Hi everyone! I can't believe I have never found this site before this week! I manage a Clarins Cosmetics counter at a large department store (the best part is the discount on all cosmetics lines!), and do special event makeup on the side. I also teach pole dancing classes two days a week! I have...