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  1. Dani California

    Best eyeshadows for slightly hooded eyes

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the best eyeshadows for slightly hooded eyes? I usually like very neutral shades. I was looking at MAC Shroom, but wondered how frosty/shimmery it was? Also, I'm a bit scared of mattes in case it looks worse. Any help much appreciated...
  2. Dani California

    Some dupes needed please....

    Hi, Am after a couple of dupes..... one is for an Avon minerals lipstick called Pink Quartz which we can't get in the uk now. I forget what the other one I wanted a dupe for was lol, i know it was MAC though. It'll come back to me x
  3. Dani California

    Pink tones in skin,having trouble with foundations?

    Hi, Hope someone has some ideas. I have been having trouble finding foundations to suit. It seems my face has more pink than the rest of me, not by much, but enough to spoil any foundation I'm trying. I thought I couldn't get one pale enough, but it seems every one I try, I have that...
  4. Dani California

    UD optical blurring or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush?

    Hello all! Having tried the UD optical Blurring brush last week at the UD counter, I loved the effect it gave. I'm a fingers for application girl. Then I've been eyeing up the Real Techniques expert face brush. anyone got both? or got opinions on either? Is the real techniques one a...
  5. Dani California

    Pink blush help needed- fair skin

    Hello all Thought I'd post in here, as I need some help with pink blush. I am very fair skin, with pinky undertones. I love my peachy coral blushes, but for some reason pink of any kind does not look quite right on me. I cannot work out why either. Any help on that greatly appreiciated...
  6. Dani California

    Naked Skin foundation match help?

    Hi, Just thought I'd come in here as I need some help choosing which shade in the foundation I would be? I'm having major trouble with foundations as is always the case this time of year. I'm pretty fair/pale. I have more pinky undertones. I used to use Prescriptives Traceless Level...
  7. Dani California

    Foundation match help?

    Hi, So excited I found the NARS board :) Anyway, I'm having major trouble with foundations as is always the case this time of year. I'm pretty fair/pale. I have more pinky undertones. I used to use Prescriptives Traceless Level 1, which is the blue red undertones, and Camelia in the...
  8. Dani California

    what can i try next? help!

    Hi guys. I'd love some recs as what to try next. I've tried a couple mineral foundations just samples at the counter and from online. Bare minerals fair in the original formula, loved this but then got that horrible prickly irritated skin from it. Also tried Lily Lolo, same sort of...
  9. Dani California

    Is my BE mineral lipstick causing this?

    Hi guys. Haven't been on here for a while, but was reading all the threads. I have been getting little cysts in my mouth and lips, the doctor says perfectly harmless, but reading up on mineral make up, I was wondering if my Bare Minerals lipstick could cause this? Has anyone else...
  10. Dani California

    Dupes for MAC smoke & mirrors palette? and a lipglass dupe needed?

    Hi, I have done a search on here and can't find anything. I'm after some dupes for the MAC smoke & mirrors palette? In particular the two middle colours?think the names are wide eyed wonder and deception? If anyone could help, it would be most appreiciated as these colours are...
  11. Dani California

    Recs needed for dupes of two lippies

    I need recs for lipsticks similar to these two colours if anyone knows of any? MAC surprise me - this was so pretty I'd love to know if anything similar MAC viva glam cyndi - is there anything in the permanent line similar to this? thank you in advance xxxxxxxxx
  12. Dani California

    Help needed, want to recreate this look

    Hi there!! I was watching the family tree thing, am in uk, called Who do you think you are? linky here (dunno if allowed to post it, if not please remove it) BBC iPlayer - Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 7: Dervla Kirwan Anyway, Dervla Kirwan, irish actress, similar hair and skin tone to me...
  13. Dani California


    Hello peoples I've been looking a lot at the purple quad from spring forecast and wondering whether to get it, I'm very pale with blue/green eyes? what do you reckon? Also as it may not be available much longer, are there any dupes for the colours in it? And I'd love somebody to point me in...
  14. Dani California

    Help me identify this MAC lipstick?

    Hellllllllllooooooooo Was at the mac counter last week playing with the pale pink and nude lipsticks, I got my eye on one, and it is really bugging me as I cannot remember what it is!! It was a very pale pink colour but it was sort of shimmery or sheeny to look at if that makes sense? sort of...
  15. Dani California

    Is there a dupe for 2N gloss?

    Hello me again lol! I just got my 2N gloss but I love it that much am using it up sooooo quick and was wondering if theres anything even close to it? Have done a search but couldn't find anything. thank you guys
  16. Dani California

    Anybody love teals and blues?I need some help!

    Hi!! I'm a pale blue/green eyed neutral eyeshadow lover hehe, but I quite fancy venturing into teals and deep blues maybe? What would you suggest as a beginner teal? Also would those colours suit my eye colour? What about something like deep truth with my eye colour? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP...
  17. Dani California

    browns that don't make me look tired?

    Hi guys, Am after a bit of advice, I like brown eyeshadows but have found lately that a lot I've tried are making me look really tired. I dunno what it is, but I'd like to find some that are more suitable for me? I'm really pale with bluey/greeny eyes and brown hair. Any recs for me? I'm not...
  18. Dani California

    Any dupes for fun & games blush?

    Hey guys * waves* Haven't been around for a bit.......but was just pondering the other day if there were any dupes for the hello kitty blush in fun and games? I haven't seen it in real life or anything and would just like a dupe in case I cannot get my mitts on it!! Also is NARS deep throat...
  19. Dani California

    Is Stark Naked blush worth getting if......

    .........I already have True Romantic blush? I think the two look kind of similar, but I do love the colour of true romantic. What do you reckon? anyone got both and can compare? Thanks guys!!
  20. Dani California

    Dupe for discontinued Clinique lipstick?

    Hey guys *waves* I really need a dupe for one of my fave clinique lippys, which they have gone and discontinued (I am MAD!!( Its one of my fave lippies too, perfect nudey pink colour on me. Its clinique Pink Beach lippy. anyone know any good dupes? Also they discontinued cherry quartz too...