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  1. stevoulina

    Valentine's FOTN! My first!!

    This is my Valentine's FOTN! I hope you'll like it! What I used: Face: -Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Natural Ivory -MAC Blot Powder in Medium -Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Soft Plum -Seventeen Silky Blusher in Peach Rose Eyes: -ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base -WnW Eyeshadow Trio in...
  2. stevoulina

    ArtDeco Question!

    Hey there! I did some serious hauling yesterday and here's what I got: Eyeshadows: #14 #17 #18 #43 #95 #208 #218 #245 #320 #376 #387 I'm really thrilled with my haul! Does anybody have any of these shades? How do you combine them? Any suggestions for other ArtDeco Eyeshadow shades you like...
  3. stevoulina

    LE Stuff!

    How about creating a topic to gather all the information about LE items from drugstore and high end brands?? (it could be a whole LE line,like the Revlon Star Style Collection or just a single LE item!) So,are there any nice LE items right now??
  4. stevoulina

    This is me!

  5. stevoulina

    Help with Revlon Cream Blush!!!!

    Is there anyone with oily skin that is actually using this blush without any problems (like disappearing 1 hour after application,becoming greasy etc!) I asked the same thing at and most of the replies were negatives,but now I see at that most of the...
  6. stevoulina

    Do you use makeup every day?

    I can't go out of the house without pressed powder,but that's not really a beauty issue,it's because I have oily skin and I can't stand oilies...yikes!So,I NEED powder!Other than that,I can go outside of the house just wearing some pressed powder and NOTHING else (especially when it's really hot...
  7. stevoulina

    Matching Make Up With Clothing

    Sometimes I match my makeup to my clothes,sometimes I don't!It all depends on what I'm wearing,on my mood (for example I may be in the mood of wearing a particular eyeshadow)! I don't think it's bad matching your makeup to your clothes,unless you wear the same color from head to toes....then it...
  8. stevoulina

    Helloooooooooo from Greece!!!

    Hello there Girls!I'm a 21-year old student from Greece and I LOVE MAKEUP!