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  1. AmberP

    How to get the Perfect Curls!

    Maybe I am just doing it wrong. My pic is pretty old, I have shorter hair now. Maybe that's why it doesn't work
  2. AmberP

    How to get the Perfect Curls!

    I tried it twice and it was a complete failure. Maybe I need to find another video, or maybe someone has some good ideas on how to do it right.
  3. AmberP

    Brush and dry

    I'm tired of blow-drying my hair all the time, it's so tiring, especially in the morning. My salvation was the dry shampoo, a great thing. And your way is interesting, I have to try it.
  4. AmberP

    What do you look for at the store?

    Hello. My favorite thing in the stores is fabric masks. I really like it. I often take them on trips, and they fix imperfections quickly. Always the best choice.
  5. AmberP

    It's okay not to be okay..

    I can see what you are talking about. It's really a hard time now, and we have to be more positive through it's hard. It's not that forum to talk about it, but I am happy that we can talk about this topic. Thank you!
  6. AmberP

    Has this happen to you?

    People do it all the time, so what's the point of wearing a mask? I've never understood people's logic. There are also those who don't wear a mask because they don't believe in the disease. That's out of my reach altogether.
  7. AmberP

    Do you use Sunblock?

    Hello! It's a good question. I have a bad experience. My skin literally burns in the sun, and during my last vacation to the sea I did not use any cream, it was terrible. Now I'm afraid to go outside without it.
  8. AmberP

    Are multi-vitamins enough?

    Vitamins should be used only after consulting your doctor because you can hurt yourself. You should see how much vitamin C you are deficient in (and whether you really are), and only then take them.
  9. AmberP

    Does first Impression matters to you?

    Yes, it's more important to me that a person be polite and considerate than what they look like. Besides, appearances don't reveal character, and if I need to communicate with this person further, I wouldn't want him or her to be unpleasant.
  10. AmberP

    How to a makeup tutorial as a beginner?

    I can't even get the simplest things from the tutorial yet, I can't imagine how people do them at all. But many I have seen on YouTube, are quite simple.
  11. AmberP

    How would you be celebrating the holidays this year?

    Hello. We decided to celebrate only with our family since we are staying together for Christmas. We will meet our friends the next year because they are traveling. It's too dangerous now.
  12. AmberP

    Do you buy luxury products?

    I like bracelets, the most expensive purchase is a gold chain. Nothing else has caught my eye yet, but sometimes I look at the Chanel necklace.
  13. AmberP

    Do you love the sea?

    Hello! I was born near the sea, and I have a special relationship with it. This year I spent my summer vacation at the sea, and it was amazing. It's also good for your skin and health, I rested and my skin returned to its normal color.
  14. AmberP

    Korean skincare products? Makeup?

    I started ordering Korean cosmetics, and I like that they are of high quality. You have to be careful to find something that suits you. I faced the problem that the translation into English is not always correct, it feels like they translated it in Google.
  15. AmberP

    Are Korean skincare products better?

    I totally agree with you. Cosmetics may vary in price, but if you choose it wrong, you will only hurt yourself. I looked at the brands that you suggested, and I liked it very much. Thank you.
  16. AmberP

    Japanese brushes - Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Hakuhodo, Suqqu, etc

    Oh, I am sorry, it was written by mistake.
  17. AmberP

    Are Korean skincare products better?

    Joom is also good. I know a lot of people saying the quality is bad, but that's no-no. You can order at a good store, and the only minus's shipping.
  18. AmberP

    Japanese brushes - Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Hakuhodo, Suqqu, etc

    This forum knows how to surprise, tassels for 500 dollars. I even looked at some products, not all the same order it cheaper, in bulk, or looking for in stores in our city. I must admit, it surprises me that our prices are so inflated.
  19. AmberP

    Are Korean skincare products better?

    I asked a similar question here, but in the end, I decided to try these cosmetics myself. It is great, but in Korea, it is cheaper, so I started ordering from there, with free delivery. In our stores, the prices are very high. I like their masks.
  20. AmberP

    General Chanel Chat

    I only used a gift that my friends brought from France, but here they wrote so many variations, I think I should try something else. Many times this product Chanel's Hydramax is mentioned here and I will try it.