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  1. MACActress

    Flashtronic haul with link to pics++

    I got: Northern Lights msf x2 Goldspill msf Global glow msf lovestone e/s mercurial e/s Pics here:
  2. MACActress

    Recent Hauls thru Today

    Random Laura Geller baked beauties set (This rocks!) Rosebud salve (xmas gift for my best friend) Laura Geller lip stay in Holly (for my mom) Sephora brow set (also for my mom) Palmer's coco butter formula (the lip balm, my new favorite lip product) Subtle & Entremauve Pigments Red no. 5 and...
  3. MACActress

    Better than a CCO!

    So I went to TJ Maxx and found a ton of makeup! None of it MAC of course but they did have Urban Decay, Too Faced, Bliss, and Hard Candy. Plus a lot of Anna Sui/Lacoste Bath products and some sort of Dolce & Gabanna tanning thing. This is what I got (for $52!) XXXSlick Set (x4, for sweet 16...
  4. MACActress

    Blonde on Blonde Look From A Muse

    So I got bored, and decided to play with all my new stuff. I liked the Blonde on Blonde Look, only I had to substitute some things, like Night Light for Gallery Gal and an EL e/s for Brightside, but I did use Blonde on Blonde Lipstick =) I couldn't get a good pic. with my eye closed, but here...
  5. MACActress

    Amuse & Past Hauls w/ Amuse Swatches

    I've been kinda lazy so I've lumped all my hauls into one post. She Shines Sunnydaze Night Light Azreal Blue Golder's Green Sunpepper Turquatic: Orangedescence & Crystal Rose L/G Patternmaker: Graphic Brown F/L Penned F/L Cool Eyes Palette (Still waiting for those last two =/ I shouldn't...
  6. MACActress

    First Fotd =)

    Here's my first fotd. I'm attempting to get my friend to start posting here and I know she is a lurker already =) Sry the picture isn't too great, but it's the best one I took that shows the makeup. Plus I got my hair done today =) I will never dye my hair myself ever again. All I used was a...
  7. MACActress

    Leesburg, VA CCO (Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets)

    I went today and here is what was there: I *think* Ice Beauty Powder Some bronzers in special packaging Standard CCO e/s, + Freshwater, Expensive Pink, and Da Bling Moxie, Holidazzle, Gigglefest, Roccoco, and other assorted lipsticks All 4 TLC Sticks from Lady Sol I think, w/e collection they...
  8. MACActress

    (Another) Pigment Pressing Tutorial

    Pigment Pressing Tutorial (Pictureless except for results) What you will need: Eyedropper Alcohol Eyeshadow pans Safety and/or Bobby pins Small bowl/container for the Alcohol 1/4 teaspoon measure (Metal works best, but plastic will do) What to do: 1. Get your e/s pans. I went to Claire's and...
  9. MACActress

    Lure/Bait/Hooked Haul from Thursday

    What I got (from left to right): After-Tan TLC Stick Pink Resort TLC Stick Haunting f/l Mancatcher e/s Waternypmh e/s Aquavert e/s Sea Myth e/s Maidenchant Blushcreme and Bronzer in Golden I'm so happy, but now I owe my mom a ton of money. But its all good =D Mancatcher is pure love, and I've...
  10. MACActress

    (My) Bestest Haul Ever

    This is also on LJ, so I apologize if you have already seen it. --------------------------------------------------------- This is definitley my favorite haul ever. I went to the Leesburg outlets. For anyone who is interested, this is what they had. I'm sure there's stuff I can't remember...
  11. MACActress

    My Homemade Lipgloss

    So I decided to try and make the lipgloss with Cyens' tutorial, except I used vaseline instead of a pre-existing lipgloss. I made 2, although they show up very sheer. Sorry about the bad pictures, I just couldn't get them to come out right. The purple one looks a lot more pink irl.
  12. MACActress

    Sundressing & Some Basics (With Pic!)

    So I went to the Sundressing event at Nordstrom today, aka Rewards Night. It was awesome, although they were out of stock of the shoes I wanted to buy =/ But anyway, the MA was awesome and I loved my makeover! She used what I was interested in buying as well, always a plus. And instead of 2...
  13. MACActress

    Sweetie Cake & Some Tony & Tina =D

    I hope this ok, this is pretty much a copy of what I wrote in LJ: My Sweetie Cake Haul: All 3 Pigments The Quad I also got: Prose & Fancy Eyeshadow 3 4-Pan Palettes Brush Cleaner I also found some Tony & Tina @ Marshalls, only $3 each so I went for it. And here is what happens when...