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  1. GoldenGirl

    MAC Half Red Lip Pencil dupe - any brand... Help!

    Hello lovelies! Was wondering if someone can assist me. I LOVE wearing Half Red Lip Pencil as a lipstick, but it's ridiculously drying. I was wondering if anyone had any dupes for it in lipstick form from any brand, doesn't have to be MAC. I have noticed that both Half Red and the...
  2. GoldenGirl

    Lisi Cosmetics

    Just thought I'd give my women of color another option for foundations. Apparently Lisi Cosmetics had a freestanding store here in Manhattan, but decided to close it down earlier this year. It's now the ELF store. Anyway, I discovered Lisi Cosmetics foundation at the Cosmetics Market on 37th...
  3. GoldenGirl

    What perm MAC e/s could I use for the lid and crease colors in this vid?

    I was browsing youtube and found this FABULOUS video and want to try this look. What MAC e/s would you guys recommend for the lid and crease colors he uses, the look is absolutely gorgeous! Granted I will never ever look as beautiful as this model, but 'd like to try. I MUST recreate this...
  4. GoldenGirl

    Great IRL.. not so great in pics... anyone else?

    I don't know if it's my camera or the lighting in my house or what, but I have a hard time sticking with a foundation. It will look great on my skin and match my neck and face perfectly in real life, even out in natural light, but when I take pics, say when I have done my full face and just...
  5. GoldenGirl

    Since when do lipsticks come in gold packaging?

    MAC Lipstick Cult of Cherry CREME CERISE Ltd. Ed. NIB - eBay (item 310080434738 end time Sep-09-08 16:00:15 PDT) Is this some kind of special edition packaging or just a fake? I'm not planning on buying because I already have one, I was just browsing through ebay and came across this listing...
  6. GoldenGirl

    Cheap but GOOD foundation or tinted moisturizer until I lose this tan!

    Hey all. I just got back from Mexico and this usually NC50 is dark dark dark. I normally try to stay out of the sun because my skin tends to get splotchy and uneven when I get tan. And of course now it's splotchy and uneven. Does any one have any recommends on a really really light...
  7. GoldenGirl

    My first FOTD aka I finally figured out how to blend!

    Be gentle. I've been having SUCH a hard time trying to figure out how to apply e/s that most days I usually just go out without any on. My biggest fear is to leave the house looking a hot mess! Anyway, I did a haul at MAC yesterday and bought Select Tint and some MSF Natural and loved my face...
  8. GoldenGirl

    Peach Non Matte Lipstick for an NC50???

    OKAY!!! I put peach in the subject line but I meant CORAL and I can't change it! UGH! But anyway, I did a search and saw some recommends for a coral lip, but since I am not sure what shade everyone is, it was difficult for me to determine which ones would be right for me, so I am starting a...
  9. GoldenGirl

    Dupes for N Collection l/s and l/g's

    I missed this collection and wanted to check out some of the glosses and lipsticks. What would be equivalents in the permanent l/s and l/g's that would be dupes for the N Collection shades? Thanks!
  10. GoldenGirl

    Neutral Every Day Shadows for Work

    Hey everyone! I need some great neutral shadows to wear to work, preferably colors that already come packaged together in a palette. I realize for the most part that leaves MAC shadows out, but I'm open to new things. Nothing too glittery. I'm an NC50 for reference. Thanks!
  11. GoldenGirl

    Pressed Powder for an NC50 gal...

    Hey all! I am an NC50 in SF Fluid and currently have the Pressed Powder in Dark. I'm thinking about exchanging it for the Deep Dark. Because the SF Fluid already dries to a somewhat matte finish, I'm afraid the Dark powder will make me look chalky and washed out. Will Deep Dark be too dark...
  12. GoldenGirl

    Hello everyone!!!

    I just wanted to make a quick intro before I keep posting way and no one knows who the heck I am. I had been checking out kuuipo and scandalousbeauty on youtube and they both mentioned this site so I figured I'd check it out. I'm not new to MAC, but I've decided to step up my game look-wise in...
  13. GoldenGirl

    MAC Store in Cabo San Lucas

    I'll be in Cabo at the end of August and I was thinking about hitting up the MAC store thinking the products would be cheaper there than that would be in the US with the whole dollar conversion and all. Am I totally wrong? Should I not even bother? Or should I make the effort to find the MAC...