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  1. Okami08

    Has anyone purchased from seller *lakuj*?

    I'm wondering if this seller is trustworthy. Here are some auction links. NIB MAC EYE SHADOW EYEPOPPING - eBay (item 380128602977 end time Jun-09-09 11:15:29 PDT) NIB MAC EYE SHADOW DAISYCHAIN - eBay (item 330335071595 end time Jun-09-09 11:07:56 PDT) NIB MAC EYE SHADOW ILLEGAL CARGO - eBay...
  2. Okami08

    eBay seller velveeta42

    Is this seller reputable? They have several unreleased Colour Craft items and MAC items with names that aren't from any known past or upcoming collections.
  3. Okami08

    Double Dazzle dazzleglass live chat

    Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly. Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Stacey. How may I assist you? Okami: I have a question about the Double Dazzle collection that's set to be released April 30th. Okami: Are the...
  4. Okami08

    eBay seller - could I get a second opinion on this?

    The seller's name is sams127 - it looks to me like he's selling counterfeits. The dazzleglass bottles look wrong to me (no visible clear container around the sides or at the base and the Dazzleglass logo on the bottle looks too high up the bottle, I think) and he's got a ton of Fafi and Barbie...
  5. Okami08

    Hello from Colorado

    Hi, my name is Okami, and I'm a lipgloss addict and recent MAC convert.