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  1. dnarcidy

    Any idea what nail polish this is?

    From Beyonce's "Party" video. I want to recreate the look. Does anyone know what color it is, or a similar one? Thanks in advance!
  2. dnarcidy

    First Photoshoot!

    Here is a picture from my first photoshoot! I did hair and makeup. All makeup products are from MUD. Cream foundation Espresso, Graphite, Pomegranite, and Apricot e/s Mix of Eggplant and Stargazer lipstick with Java lipglaze over it Mix of Berry and Garnet blush
  3. dnarcidy

    Pore-clogging Ingredients

    I was talking to a highly in demand (we're talking booked months in advance) esthetician about makeup and skincare and I mentioned something about mineral oil and she said, "Do you know that it doesn't clog your pores?" She then gave me a list of all the ingredients in skincare and makeup that...
  4. dnarcidy

    Purple Haze

    Ingredients: Eyes UD Ransom MAC Purple Haze MAC Knight Divine Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara Lips Bare Escentuals Bavarian Creme Lipstick
  5. dnarcidy

    A Neon Rainbow Vomited on My Face

    And I liked it. Products include: Mehron's Tropical Palette--all water activated makeup I flicked on my face Medusa's Makeup- Ocean Drive Bare Minerals- Angel some glitter from Medusa's Makeup, I forget which I'm forgetting more; I'm bad, I know. I actually did this a...
  6. dnarcidy

    Lisa Frank Inspired Look

    Ingredients include: Dollipop- Sugarpill (love love love) Lumi-Sugarpill Purple from BSC paint wheel Soylent Green- Medusa's Makeup Vanilla- MAC Electro Pink (Medusa's Makeup) e/s crushed and mixed with Burt's Bees lip balm for lips loverboy lipgloss- Medusa's Makeup fake...
  7. dnarcidy

    whimsical runway inspired look!

    Hey everyone! I have a video tutorial for this if you're interested. Anyway, I used: Carbon by MAC Blow by Medusa's Makeup Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner custom made lashes/flowers/etc. It was fun/a pain in the butt
  8. dnarcidy

    Whimsical Runway Inspired Look

    I could have executed this slightly better, but it's been a while for me and I'm sick, so... :)
  9. dnarcidy


    YouTube - Year of the Dragon Makeup Tutorial
  10. dnarcidy

    I like bright colors because they make me feel like the world still has some magic

    Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box- Honey Graffiti Peace Ransom Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy- Skinny Dip I made a tutorial for this too. Simple look, and the colors are fun!
  11. dnarcidy

    Looking cute in the rain

    Oh, you thought I'd have some tips, did you? Quite the opposite...this weather has left me entirely unsure of how to deal with my curls. So, you tell me: how do you look cute when it's raining??
  12. dnarcidy

    Long time no post, etc.

    Hey girlies! I'm upset that the colors aren't really showing in the picture, so I'll describe it. It's bronze-ish and purple on the crease and silvery white on the lid. Just imagine everything being sliiiiightly more vibrant than it is. I also tried to show off my freshly Konaded nails, but...
  13. dnarcidy

    Question about foundation brush

    When I use my foundation brush (it's from Alison Raffaele), my foundation looks streaky. Is it the brush? My skin? The foundation? My technique? Help please
  14. dnarcidy

    Toxic Britney Halloween look

    I'm a different Britney every year EYES Red and black matte Coastal Scents e/s CoverGirl black eyeliner all over lid and under black eyeshadow LIPS Coral Reef eye dust on top of lip balm (Medusa's Makeup) Loud Mouth lip gloss by Medusa's Makeup I made a tutorial of this on Youtube, btw <3...
  15. dnarcidy

    Britney Spears TOXIC look

    My Halloween costume! I'm a different Britney every year. YouTube - Britney Spears Toxic Makeup tutorial
  16. dnarcidy

    Year of the Tiger tutorial

    Looks like this: Thanks for watching! YouTube - Year of the Tiger
  17. dnarcidy

    Year of the Tiger

    I missed Specktra! How have you all been? I used: Tiger eye dust Blow eye dust Desert Storm eye dust Electro Orange e/s Loud Mouth lip gloss all by Medusa's Makeup. And I made a tutorial, which you can see if you click on my link to my channel. It would really mean a lot to me if you watched!
  18. dnarcidy

    Second look in my Chinese Zodiac series

    PLEASE watch and subscribe! It really means a lot to me. YouTube - The Year of the Ox
  19. dnarcidy

    a few different looks

    I used Purple Rain and Barbarella by Medusa's Makeup. There was more, but I can't really remember Here I used Soylent Green, Barbarella, Ocean Drive, and New Wave, all by Medusa's Makeup. Try it out if you haven't already! Sorry about the lighting in these. I used Magma, Electro Red...
  20. dnarcidy

    the ANTI back to school look

    Brights > neutrals! On my eyes, I used: New Wave, Soylent Green, Ocean Drive, and Atlantis eye dusts by Medusa's Makeup I used half lashes from de-beauty (Google it, they're cheap!) On my lips, I used French Kiss by Medusa's Makeup Sorry I only took one picture, it's sort of hard to see it...