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    Summer makeup choices

    Hey y'all! Well, my makeup is running low and it is really good timing since summer is here. I have already gotten a lot of sun (kids on the swim team) and my freckles have shown up for the party. Well, I went to put on my usual makeup yesterday, including a light pink blush and oh my...
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    How do you clean your makeup brushes

    I didn't even know that you were supposed to do this! Shame on me....Seriously, my 12 year old daughter asked me how to clean her new set and I had zero clue. Help me look knowledgeable to my preteen, please! :D
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    What is your favorite face cleanser?
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    Should I make the switch?

    Hey everyone! I am new here and have enjoyed going through a lot of the recent threads. Here is the deal: I love wearing makeup, I like to vary my look from natural-looking makeup to more dramatic, depending on my mood. I used to use Clinique, but they kept discontinuing my favorites so I...