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  1. ladyarwen

    MAC Electric Wonder Collection (June 6, 2019)

    Argh the packaging is so cool...
  2. ladyarwen

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2019

    Hoooooly smokes, I may be breaking my no-buy for this one.
  3. ladyarwen

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    The packaging is quite pretty, but I've put myself on another no-buy for lippies this year.
  4. ladyarwen

    Find Me a Dupe For...

    Hey all. There's this lipstick that I saw years ago in Seventeen magazine called 15 Minutes, and it was really pretty. It was back in 2006 and before I had a credit card, so I couldn't order it. After doing a bit of research recently, I discovered it was part of the A Muse collection. Does...