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  1. greatscott2000

    Francois Nars @ NYC Saks Fifth Ave

    Blogdorf Goodman confirmed Francois Nars will be making an appearance at Saks Fifth Ave in NYC on Thursday, Oct 8th plus there will be a Nars loves New York set! CAN NOT WAIT!!
  2. greatscott2000

    Grape Escape! Lips- WOC friendly

    1.Lip-liner: Chanel Nude 2.Lipstick: NARS Damage (no Flash) ( natural light) 3.Lipgloss: Chanel Imaginaire tada!
  3. greatscott2000

    More NARS for Fall 2009

    I was going through my June/July Paris Vogue and they did a piece on NARS. For Fall two more foundations ( Sheer Matte Foundation and Sheer Glow Foundation) will be released along with newly formulated mascaras ( Larger Than Life Mascara) and an eyeshadow duo ( Taiga). I cannot wait!!
  4. greatscott2000

    Cult of Cherry for WOC

    Hello everyone, I just left a CoC event and I have to say, if you are looking for a perfect neutral lip that looks great on deep pigmented lips- Cherry Cerise from Cult of Cherry is great. I have a crummy pic in the swatch area, but this one is at the top of my list. The Mattene's are gorgeous...
  5. greatscott2000

    MAC and Hello Kitty?!

    EDITED TO UPDATE! HELLO KITTY + MAC has been confirmed, thus we have an "official" thread to continue discussion. Please click the link to be taken to the current discussion: --------- ORIGINAL POST BELOW ------------ Just Asking: Is...
  6. greatscott2000

    Afterdark- WOC friendly

    So I was feeling creative today and decided to make my own lippie out of Sephora's lipliner , MAC lipconditioner and a Tenderstone. Since MAC doesn't have a pinky-violet - I made my own and went further to "shoot" myself in a campaign I call- Afterdark ( inspired by Louis Vuitton's Louis...
  7. greatscott2000

    MAC N Color Collection discussion

    I was reading the Dec. W magazine and in the Beauty section it mentioned a 2N lipstick and 3N lipglass ( I'm paraphrasing since I didn't buy the mag) that will be available in January. I know that they use these colors for fashion week because I've heard about them before. Anyway, does any MA's...
  8. greatscott2000

    2007 BET awards looks

    I loved the way that Monique looked when I watched the BET awards show last night. At one point in the show she was weaing a purple gown and her makeup was exquiste. I'm trying to find a good picture of it now.. but did anyone else happen to catch it and if so, what colors would you suggest that...
  9. greatscott2000

    Orgasm Multiple

    I was reading and they had attended an exclusive event where they shared that Nars will have the Multiple in Orgasm soon. I attached the clip.
  10. greatscott2000

    Naomi Campbell on W

    I recieved the June 2007 W magazine with Naomi on the cover. The cover look was used with MAC cosmetics. What was used: Select Moistureblend SPF 15 in NW 55 Eyeshadow's in Knight Devine and Beautiful Iris Eye Khol in Smolder Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack Powdered Blush in Breath of Plum...
  11. greatscott2000

    Strange Hybrid Unveiling- San Diego

    Is anyone going to the Strange Hybrid unveiling in Plaza Bonita tomorrow 5/1?
  12. greatscott2000

    NARS Concealor

    hello! Can anyone confirm that there is/was a shade in the NARS concealors called "chocolate". I know lots of things get discontinued but I wanted to see if this color is legit.
  13. greatscott2000

    No MAC March

    I'm truly dissapointed in the past few and upcomming collections. I feel like the campagins and collections fall short of the color description and the color of the products look "blah". The colors do not suit my skintone and I become discouraged. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way...
  14. greatscott2000

    Jennifer Hudson for MAC

    I was just thinking- wouldn't it be great if she had a collection? just like the Fantasia one? What do you think it color scheme would be? I'm thinking oscar gold with burgandy- what do you think?
  15. greatscott2000

    Flesh Lip

    I was reading a NY Fashion Week review and a MAC Makeup Artist mentioned Flesh Lip. Its described as: " a new matte balm in concealer tints". Does anyone have any more details? Thanks
  16. greatscott2000

    Has it gotten better?

    I've been thinking about how cosmetics for beauties fo color have progressed from what I remember until now. My mom never had foundation or powder growing up because they didn't make it in her skin tone. When about 12 years ago I found one or two "deep" or "dark" shades and it wasn't enough. I...
  17. greatscott2000

    My 25th Birthday FOTD

    It's my 25th! I'm going out to dinner and i'm going for a pre-holiday look! Face: NW45 Studio Fix Powder Blush:Prism Eyeshdows: Sketch, Honeylust, Corduroy, Fake and Shooting Star MSF Eyeliner: Victoria Seceret Hot Chocolate Lips: Redwood
  18. greatscott2000

    Dark Beauty

    Today I was reading an article on-line about the sudden interest in " Dark Beauty" meaning the acceptance of goth, emo and romanticized trends that are "in"/ have been "in" for the past few months. I started to think back to when I was in JR highschool and my friends with whom I hung out with-...
  19. greatscott2000

    MY first FOTD! 10/22/06 - BOC

    ok.. its taken me a while ( plus this pic was taken with my camera phone) but I did it! my first FOTD! I used: Face: MAC NW 45 moisture select cover VS Finishing Dowder duo in M20 MAC Desirous Blush Eyes: MAC Orb and Quarry Mascara:Maybelline Great Lash in Clear Lips: MAC Formal Black Warm...
  20. greatscott2000

    Ebay (small) Haul

    I'm a palette freak ! and I recently won the Nordies 2003 Holidazzle face palette off of Ebay.Attachment 1847