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  1. aimee

    Bright Sunshine e/s

    sorry if that has been asked before or if i missed something (search doesnt work for me right now) what collection is this eyeshadow from? is it a PRO? i found this today at the normal mac site MAC Cosmetics | Swatches | Bright Sunshine
  2. aimee

    teal and pink

    What i used (everything by MAC unless stated otherwise) Eyes Girl Friendly Paint Pot Shimmermoss Eyeshadow Pink Venus Eyeshadow Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Aqualine Liquidlast Eyeliner Swish Eyeshadow Fascinating Eyekhol YSL Effet Faux Cils No. 1 (blk) Lips Sugar Trance Lipglass
  3. aimee

    EOTD with Paradisco (13.10)

    What i used (everything by MAC unless stated otherwise) Rubenesque Paint Pot Motif Eyeshadow Paradisco Eyeshadow Sushi Flower Eyeshadow Solar White Eyeshadow Blacktrack Fluidline So there Jade Powerpoint Eyepencil Gulf Stream Eyeshadow Smolder Eyekhol YSL Effet Faux Cils Mascara No. 1 (blk)...
  4. aimee

    jeansblue eyes (i know not really creative lol)

    Eyes painterly paintpot electra eyeshadow bell bottom blue pigment crystal avalanche eyeshadow white frost eyeshadow blacktrack fluidline smolder eyekhol ysl effet faux cils mascara no. 1 (blk) beyu glitter party lashes Face studio fix fluid NW20 studio finish concealer NW20 studio fix NW20...
  5. aimee

    Russian Red my new Love

    Sorry for the small bad quality Pictures i took them with my very old cell phone (new one is broken and cam is broken too) anyway i wish everyone a great day Stuff i used (all MAC unless stated otherwise) Face Studio Fix Fluid NW20 Studio Finish Concealer NW20 Bronzing Powder Golden Studio...
  6. aimee

    Pictureless FOTD: 24/09/08 (Workfriendly violet with Kitschmas)

    Hey Girls I wish i could show you some Pictures of my Look today because to my surprise it turned out pretty good. First let me tell you im not a morning person at all but i have to earn money for my MAC addiction . I got up at 7 this morning walked to the window to take a look outside and i...
  7. aimee

    Vellum and Vapour Q's

    Hi everyone I just need to know if Vapour Eyeshadow is worth getting if i already have Pink Opal Pigment? and my second Question is I heard Vellum Eyeshadow gets discontinnued is that true? TIA
  8. aimee

    Make up Studio Haul

    Can't wait to try these shadows there are red ones too yay
  9. aimee

    Pink Plaid / Snob Lipstick

    Are they similar in color? i have Snob but i kind of like the matte lipsticks for their superior lasting power on me does anyone own both how do they compare colorwise? Thanks
  10. aimee

    ED is it possible to fully Recover

    I dont know if this is the right place to open a thread like this but i thought i give it a try since i really had a bad day today. I have an eating disorder i go to phases where i starve and i go through bullimic phases i can't even remember when my eating disorder or my depression started. I...
  11. aimee

    Dupe for MAC Hue Lipstick

    I love Macs Hue Lipstick i love it for daytime and the glaze finish is ok too but is there a MAC lipstick with the same or almost the same color in a matte or satin finish? (they wear longer) thanks
  12. aimee

    my Playboy Bunny Look (grey smokey pink lips-everything from Macs perm line)

    Eyes Beig-ing Shadestick (Base) Blacktrack Fluidline (upper lashline) Naked Lunch Eyeshadow (wash) Scene Eyeshadow (over Blacktrack Fluidline) Electra Eyeshadow Carbon Eyeshadow (over Blacktrack Fluidline) Chrystal Avalanche Eyeshadow (Highlight) Smolder Eyekhol (waterline) Scene Eyeshadow...
  13. aimee

    I played around with Mutiny Pigment (NN)

    I used Mac's Shadestick in Beig-ing (Base) applied Mac's Mutiny Pigment all over (wash) Mac's Clarity Eyeshadow to line (wing) Mac's Fluidline in Brassy to line Mac's Mutiny Pigment and goldmine e/s (lower lashline) Mac's Chrystal Avalanche e/s to highlight Mac's Out to Sea powerpoint...
  14. aimee

    suggestions for soapy clean smelling scents

    i love soapy clean and powdery scents pls help me find some and list your favourites for reference 2 perfumes i absolutely love are Glow by J. Lo and Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder thanks for your help
  15. aimee

    Hi im New

    I just wanted to introduce myself My name is Claudine Aimee im 28 and i live in Switzerland Europe. I totally love Make Up and my favourite brand is MAC xoxo