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  1. FiestyFemme

    MUFE eyeshadow faves?

    I've already got #92 and 75, but I'm interested in getting more shades. So what are everyone's faves?
  2. FiestyFemme

    Favorite mattes?

    I've decided I need more matte shades for crease/outer V work. I guess I've gotten older and my tastes have changed, but now I can't stand too much shimmer! So, what are your favorite matte shades? Doesn't matter the brand, as I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
  3. FiestyFemme

    New ideas for last year's Rushmetal pigments!

    I have Cocomotion, Copperized, Rushmetal, Revved-Up, and Mauvement. I've worn them all like once because I have no idea what to pair them with! Anybody have any ideas or favorite combinations? I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  4. FiestyFemme

    Need lipliner recs for hot pink/fuschia lipsticks

    I recently bought Impassioned and Girl About Town lipsticks, and lovely as they are, I'm feeling like I need a liner with the Amplified Creme formula. Any ideas? I prefer MAC, but I'm open to other brands. I just don't know where to start as I don't wear lipliner. Thanks!