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  1. Ali012281

    F&B foundations

    MAC or Makeup Forever?? Or what other brand? Live in Hot and HUMID area. Thanks!!!
  2. Ali012281

    Question for AL members

    In early September my husband will have a military graudation and weather depending it will be outdoors. What is the weather like at the time? Hot and humid still??? I am going to need some mu suggestions for stay power through sweating. I've been exercising and lifting weights like crazy and...
  3. Ali012281

    Pictureless FOTD: 6/19

    My friend has my digi cam so no pic... but this is my first fotd post on here. Sometimes I play my mu off of my uniform for today... I'm a nurse so I have to keep it all tame.... todays uniform is grey and pink. FOTD: Face: Shesido facial brightner (can't think of the realy name and too...
  4. Ali012281

    Another Noob

    Hello all. My name is Beth. I'm 25 and I live in KY with my hubby who is in the army. I'm a MAC addict as well as BE and other brands of MU. I've been lurking and decided to say hello! Its wonderful to find some more MAC nuts!!!
  5. Ali012281

    Compares to?

    Looking for a MAC L/G that compares to Elle.... I'm open for all suggestions!! Thanks!!!