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  1. chocula

    Goldmine e/s Need your input!

    I have sooo much stuff, so I have been doing mini "challenges" within my own collection to use stuff up and to shake up my creativity a bit. This week, my self imposed challenge was to use Goldmine every day. But now I need help! I need your suggestions. It's only Wednesday but I have a few...
  2. chocula

    Some eyes, some lips

    I'm too shy to post my whole face, but here are some pictures from a long time back. Comments/suggestions welcome. Used: UDPP, MAC Lovely Lily pigment, Prestige Blooming, MAC Beatufil Iris, MAC Smut, MAC Nylon, MAC lash primer, Covergirl Lash Exact mascara, and LOreal Voluminous mascara...
  3. chocula

    Haux e/s. What the h*ll?

    I have Haux eyeshadow (in my Snowgirl pallett), and no matter what I do, it comes out gray. I have tried everything including bases underneath the shadow and using a jillion different brushes. Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem? Did I just get a bad Haux?
  4. chocula

    Need recs for Dewey Jube or Venetian

    What lip liners and/or lipsticks do you like to use with Dewey Jube lipgelee or Venetian lustreglass? I love them on their own, but I'm looking for new ways to wear them. Thanks!
  5. chocula

    Question regarding Violetrix

    Does anyone have any of the marketing material with a description of Violetrix? I am interested to know how they described the blend (i.e. I know that Violet was one of the scents mentioned). It is one of my favorite fragrances. Thanks.
  6. chocula

    Fun with false lashes - my first FOTD

    My very first Specktra FOTD. Comments, suggestions, etc. welcome. I love feedback! Please excuse the goofy poses. I am working on trying to be a better self-photographer. What I used: Face: MAC SF C2, Plumfoolery blush and StereoRose MSF Eyes: UDPP, Shroom (all over), Satin Taupe (on outer...
  7. chocula

    Application tips for hooded lids/small lid space and crease?

    Does anyone have any application tips for hooded eyelids. I have very little lid space; the crease folds down onto what little bit I have! Thanks!
  8. chocula

    Removing tops from lipglass

    Can anyone please tell me how to remove the plastic "guard" from the top of the lipglass tube that holds the color? Thanks
  9. chocula


    Hi, I might know a few of you from LJ (username Chocula) I am a serious MAC addict who has been lurking on Specktra since it started. I love to read messages boards and see all the beautiful looks everyone does. It's great to be here!