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    My new purse!

    I just bought this new Kathy van Zeeland Panama Satchel for $50 at Robinson's May on sale. I love it to death already! Pictures:
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    Questions about Lipliner

    So I recently have gotten into wearing darker lipcolors, and I have a few questions. -Do you wear lipliner just on your lipline, or do you fill it in and apply lipcolor on top? -Does lipliner and lipstick have to match, or can you say, wear a nude lipliner and a dark lipstick? -Can you use...
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    Favorite Bath products

    What products do you use when you're soaking in the bath tub, just for fun? I like: -Any tea bags that I wouldn't drink -LUSH sex bomb -rubber duckies (you're never too old for these) -random no-name bath salts from Rite-aid
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    What is this lipcolor?

    Hi! I just bought Kevin Aucoin's Face Forward, and I found this picture absolutely stunning. Can anyone recommend the lipcolor she is wearing? It can be high end or low end it doesn't really matter. Thank you!
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    Where to buy Biotherm?

    Hi! I really want to try some Biotherm stuff, so I would have to go to the stores. I called a couple sephoras, and none of them carry it. Does Biotherm have counters in certain department stores? TIA!
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    Rave for skincare routine!

    For once in my life my skin is actually starting to look decent. I've had acne since I was about 5 and have used everything- over the counter and prescription. But I finally found something that works, and the best part is, it's so simple! PM wash face (anything will do) apply DDF 10%...
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    The long awaited: Pics of my new hair!!

    One of my old hair (just for good measure): New hair from the front: The side: And just for fun (I love this hat)...
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    Need a little advice

    I got my hair cut sunday, and I *love* the shape- thanks again guys for all the advice. It really helped. But now I have a few questions. I keep trying to copy the awesome look the hairdresser gave me. I have been testing a few different kinds of products but they all have the same problem...
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    Bronzer for an NW20?

    I want to try MAC's bronzers to get a little color without looking fake. TIA!